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Thank you for that great info. I play, but my Dad was a very avid golfer (scratch player) who made and collected clubs. I inherited all of his collection and will be selling parts of it from time to time. I wish I could keep it all but I have my own collecting hobby and just don't have the room!
Thank you very much. There certainly a lot of well versed golfers on this forum. I'm impressed.
Thanks again. I'm sure I will have lots of other questions and if everyone here is as knowledgeable as you are then my membership here was a great idea.   Take Care   Joe T
Thanks I appreciate your response. Joe T
Thank you for the response. I am looking to sell these and it looks like they are only worth about $150?
Hello to all, great to be here. I'm trying to identify what exact type pf Ben Hogan Apex Irons in the following picture. Thanks in advance for your help! The set is 2 through PW (Equalizer) and a SW. Sorry it is upside down could not fix it.  
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