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Thanks guys...I live next to two golf courses so I find and play a lot of stray balls. Turns out I have a couple of these Pro V1s in my bag! I do notice the Titlelist and Callaway balls I play usually result in better shots.
Why search Google when I can hear the opinions of golfers here?
Whats all the hype about?
I have GolfLogix also, but for some reason it doesn't give me accurate yardage readouts. I love the layout of it though.
Thanks man I'll check it out now.
Any help or advice?
Anybody else use this application when playing a round? It tracks stats, GIR, Fairways hit, score, it even shows you your ball path so you can analyze your game.
The last time I went to Chicago Style Golf in Chicago, IL I purchased an old Nike Sumo Hybrid5 and a 58degree wedge.
I don't know, even though I'm shooting in the high 80s I like to tee off from the pro tee. I have a bad habit of teeing off further than those also...(but that's where no divots are.. Lol)
Here was my best played hole of my round today. I had a 200 yard drive into the wind that shot straight at the pin, and landed slightly past the green to set me up with a nice chip and putt for par. mind you this whole round was played during a rainstorm with at least 25 mile per hour winds, and my short game was suffering at the time...nothing major but a nice milestone nonetheless. Sorry for the double post I'm new and browsing from a mobile phone...if anyone...
New Posts  All Forums: