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They just came thats the head
Just got a response saying they are real and that his daughter plays golf for penn state and played them for quite some time
Yeah I agree I contacted the guy earlier today and havent heard a response yet but theres a good chance he just hasnt gotten around to it yet.
Yeah just ordered them today and he also sells other irons and items if we could go off of those and the authenticity of those.
Its is a member since 2006 with all postive feedback but only 4 things said. Not much else. The serial number are there but just cant be seen. There is no good view of the emblem though
I bought them for 450 and the serial number cant be made out. Neither can the titleist emblem. Neither are good signs. The irons have a good bit of wear on them which could bring down the price
Just some more pictures here
[IMG][IMG] Just ordered these then started reading about how there are fake ap 2 irons out there. My biggest concern is the numbers scratched off. Im 16 years old and have no knowledge of fakes so if anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated
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