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Most guys I play with either have something different to do ( family etc) or are working. Being retired I will go out during the week and leave the weekends to be around the family, so I play alone quite a bit or join up with others.
I ended up testing the PING i-20 irons with KBS shafts and the stock CFS. I actually landed on the CFS. Didn't cost me any more moola. And it's a really good shaft.
I may be crazy, but I'm enjoying watching the euro tour more than ours! Well, once they hit Europe proper. The courses are more interesting ( minus of course the us open and Augusta), the announcers know when and when not to talk, and they play when the weathers crap. And they show crappy shots. As evidence of Stadlers blow up yesterday when he shanked 3 shots! Like I said, I may be crazy. Good on McDowell today!
Had rotator cuff surgery in 2010. Played after that but my swing was flawed. Shoulder replaced December 2013. There's life after shoulder repairs. I'm swingin fine and scoring well. Took about 3 months and then I was putting. 4 months short game. Five months full swing. Playing as often as I can now. Trying to get to the point where I can play consecutive rounds. Me and ice have a very good relationship, and it's only gettin better.
Purchased a Seemore FGP about four months ago. Love it. A bit light, so I've put lead tape in the cavity. Superstroke 3.0 on it. I've putted with everything ( seemingly ) under the sun. This is by far the most consistent putter I've used. Haven't drained alot of long putts, but inside 10 ft has been automatic. No 3 putts! I'm very happy with it.
Played twice this week. Emerald Valley, Blue tees 71.6/128. Shot 76. Played Tokatee Golf Club in Blue River, OR. Great course, quiet and peaceful. Blue tees 69.8/121. Shot 76. Two good rounds. I was happy.
71.6/128. Emerald Valley in Creswell, OR. Shot 76 with two double bogies on the back side. Lipped out putts are driving me nuts. But best round of the hear and I'm happy with it.
Sent an email to PiNG asking them about the bubbling problem. I haven't heard back from their customer service but I'm giving them this week and then if I don't hear from them I'll re send an email. It will have been two weeks. I don't think it unreasonable to expect them to get back to me. But if I am being unreasonable, Someone please tell me as much! Thanks.
81 at Sandpines on the Oregon coast. Rees Jones course. Cart is necessary cuz of the distance between greens and the next tee box. Good driving, good irons, ok putting, but chipping over bunkers to tight pins isn't my forte. Guess maybe I'm disillusioned about my iron play. Crap.
I've been surfing this site for a few days and finally decided to introduce myself. My name's Willy. I reside in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. I've been playing golf since The Golden Bear won the Masters in 1986. I'm a retired police officer in the area. I had previously worked my way into a scratch player. Got hurt pretty bad on the job, had surgery and subsequently hung up the clubs for about 5 years. In 2011 I retired and figured a bit of pain was a small...
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