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To be clear, this event is not at Prairie Dunes or promoted by Prairie Dunes
 The easy solution would be to quit lifting your head. I'm only assuming, but if you are topping the ball, I don't think you are swinging around your body on a flat enough plane, or keeping your spine angle consistent. You might want to try taking full swings, at 50% speed... work specifically on rotating shoulders to swing around your spine while keeping your spine angle the same on back swing - down swing, and follow thru. Try to focus on not picking up your shoulders...
on the practice range, try to get the club head to follow thru around your body... really work on rotating after impact. see if you start seeing results.
 You should get on the practice range, try setting your hands at about 80% in your backswing, and start your downswing by firing hips first, followed by hands. By firing hips, I mean start rotating your hips square to the target... not sliding them toward the target. Setting your hands shorter (or at least feeling like you do) will help prevent an "over the top" swing... but the key is to get the timing right with your hips. If your hips are square to the ball at impact,...
This ^^^^^^ Two things that you mentioned, high and right fade means you are attacking steep and standing up thru contact, rather than swinging around your body... steep means you have too much arm swinging, not enough shoulder turn. Shoulder turn on chips vs. swinging with arms will eliminate the thin chip. And keep your weight distributed to your left side.
100% cash! the club knows it against the rules... Pro says "everyone does it". It's being promoted with mass emails titled "Big Cash Payout".
I own an independent insurance agency. 4 locations, 10 ft staff, 3 non ft.
This looks like a great site with a lot of great discussions. Looking forward to contributing.
Well, when I recognize I am giving strokes away off the tee, at a course I am familiar with... I start looking at what a hole looks like if I land a tee shot 220 of the tee, instead of 280-300. Most of the time I take a lot of trouble out of play. Shooting a 71 consistently means eliminating the big number as much as possible.But my guess is that the pressure you put on yourself is the biggest obstacle. If you have shot a 69 once, you can do it every time. Convince...
You'll never get better at playing golf if you always seek to make the game as easy as possible. But as long as that is your goal... Whatever you wanna do...
New Posts  All Forums: