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Is that a gimme? - I got the yips.
Jeez there is nothing more cool than striping one off on the first hole in front of the club beer garden with your brightest pair of trousers you own on! Beatches be like....plaaaayaaaa!!1
Thanks @iacas I'll certainly do that. Got enough problems and don't want to create more! I have to admit I do struggle with lining up that face square. My eyes find it hard to judge with the offset in irons. Guess I've just gotta give a go and practice it.
A big thank you for the all positive feedback. It's great to know I'm finally on the right track, a few months ago I was completely in the dark before posting.
So I managed to get some game and praccy time in the last two weeks. Specifically working on my posture at address with most of my swing thought being getting forward and down with the irons. I'm trying to only go forward with my driver and not down. I still feel a little flippy but way less so than before and it feels like with my driver that my torso is hanging back a little which I'm not sure is right?   I can't tell you how much this has helped my ball striking with...
Ahhh man a big congrats on the ace!! My girlfriend dropped one a few weeks ago and I think I went more ballistic than her!
Very informative! Added to favourites.
Holla All,   Back with some updates on the schwing! A big thank you to @Abu3baid for the feeling on getting rid of that S curve in my back. I've called it the 'Suck n' Tuck' and it certainly is helping out!   Gotten into the address habit of keeping the legs flared but I think I am still struggling a bit with getting all the way down on the ball. A new swing thought I have been using is to imagine impacting the ball with the back of my hand while it is bowed if that...
 Hey @14ledo81  Thanks for the response. Yeah I'm definitely aware my back is not right. Trying to put more pressure on my gluts to get a straighter back. Hoping the rest of my setup is on the right track. I think I struggle a little bit with ball and hand position, hands forward, straight above...suppose it depends on the type of shot you trying to hit?
Holla all   So I I've practicing the getting down on the ball and keep the feet flared at address. I'm fully aware that this is going to take some time to get drilled into my swing.   Played the other day at the course and been out hitting some birder balls ( no dollar or wheels for range love ) tonight to get the feeling going.   First of all I really struggle to keep probably more than 2 swings in my mind so at the moment it's my usual 1 piece take back keeping the...
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