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My apologies @billchao it is a Dan Shauger technique, it might be a Mike Austin one as well I'm not sure of the details to be honest.   This is a pretty boring vid but for 3 mins it sums up the conical action. Instead of cocking straight up like hitting a hammer with your wrists you actually set them on the target line....I suppose almost like a flip?   
Holla Sand Trappers,   We I've taken the next step and have started taken some lessons. My coach is teaching a conical release and more of a Mike Austin technique I think so I'm trying to move towards that and away from rolling the arms to square the club. It is still gelling and I haven't quite got the knack for it yet but I'm gonna stick at it. Some things with the swing I've noticed is that my ball flight is definitely higher which I like. I used to hit some very...
Hey Fine Folks of Sandtrap,   Apologies for the long delay but I have moved. Been back at the golf and practicing. Still suffering for some overdrawey and pulled shots but strike is definitely getting better. Regressed a bit and stuck in the low to mid 90s but the new course I am playing on is probably a good 400 - 500 yards longer than my previous one. Have uploaded the latest practice sesh as below, help, comments and criticism is always welcome!  
Is that a gimme? - I got the yips.
Jeez there is nothing more cool than striping one off on the first hole in front of the club beer garden with your brightest pair of trousers you own on! Beatches be like....plaaaayaaaa!!1
Thanks @iacas I'll certainly do that. Got enough problems and don't want to create more! I have to admit I do struggle with lining up that face square. My eyes find it hard to judge with the offset in irons. Guess I've just gotta give a go and practice it.
A big thank you for the all positive feedback. It's great to know I'm finally on the right track, a few months ago I was completely in the dark before posting.
So I managed to get some game and praccy time in the last two weeks. Specifically working on my posture at address with most of my swing thought being getting forward and down with the irons. I'm trying to only go forward with my driver and not down. I still feel a little flippy but way less so than before and it feels like with my driver that my torso is hanging back a little which I'm not sure is right?   I can't tell you how much this has helped my ball striking with...
Ahhh man a big congrats on the ace!! My girlfriend dropped one a few weeks ago and I think I went more ballistic than her!
Very informative! Added to favourites.
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