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Nope, had them myself though.
The second game looks interested, but I'm not into the whole fantasy golf thing. I'll probably get both games anyways.
Guarantee Heat will win the next game, but spurs will probably still pull it out in the end.
Good idea, you won't be frustrated when your drive is in the woods and hers is in the middle of the fairway.
Golf is definitely a "mental" game (In more ways than one ) , so playing without full brain power would be even worse with golf than with other sports. Not to mention you could even make the concussion worse.
Sometimes when my game is going downhill I'll start trying dozens of things to try to fix my problems. All they seem to is confuse me even more and rarely help at all. The best solution I've found is just taking a short break from golf and coming back in a while fresh and not frustrated.
Whenever I try to think about much while I'm swinging my shots are all off. I can only handle maybe thinking about one or two golf related things a round. I do all the thinking on the driving range. 
That's true, it's possible even likely Phil didn't even know it was insider information. He could have just been trusting his "financial advisor".
Your doing well, don't worry about. Actually, you're doing great for just starting last year.
Yeah, I was just a kid during his career.
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