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Ok there's two I don't get: "Derek Jeter-left" considering he's a right handed batter who makes his living hitting to right field...? and "there is no spoon"...huh?
 I didn't mean to say he has a right to do it, just offering an alternative motive to the one suggested by Strandly.
WHOA, WHOA, WHOA....let's not jump to conclusions here. I know the OP said they're all single but this guy might be the only one of them in an actual relationship with a woman. That would go a LONG way toward explaining why he doesn't want to talk about women.
 Not being "combative" at all. Why did you feel the need to correct my spelling? Do you correct everyone's spelling? If you do you must have ALOT of time on your hands. I'm only pointing out that pointing out Harmons's equally marginal playing ability only supports the fact that you don't have to be a great player to be a competant swing analyst. This
 Ok, so I spelled his name wrong. But your making the argument that Harmon having the SAME playing ability as Chamblee makes your point? I don't think so.
 Why would I NOT accept anything that they said? They have played the position at the highest level and they would know alot more about Peyton Mannings mechanics than you or I do.Just as I'm sure that there are many (highly successful) quaterback coaches and pitching coaches and hitting coaches that never played at the level of the players that they're coaching. Just because Chamblee is not a swing coach doesn't mean he couldn't be. What are your credentials that alow you...
 Really? You think there's a direct correlation between your level as a tour pro and your ability to assess someones swing mechanics? If that's the case why do tour pros pay people like Butch Harman, Hank Haney, Sean Foley..etc. to do just that. Those guys aren't even good enough golfers to be "marginal" tour players.
One other thing to check into that no one has mentioned. This happened to me. A similar deal at a local course (7 minute drive) offered unlimited play after 2:00pm 7 days a week for $849.00. I get off work at 3:00 pm so I could play several days a week and once on the weekend and at their daily fee rates this would really pay off for me. the problem was that I found out after the fact they run golf leagues there monday through thursday generally statring at 3- 3:00pm, so...
You can label them "scrubs" and "club pros" all you want but what else they were was the BEST PROFFESSIONAL GOLFERS OF THEIR TIME. Arnold was the best of the best during that time. While being the "best of the best" in field A (smaller) does not assure that you would be the best in field B (larger) it also does not preclude it.
 My point exactly.I haven’t argued for either golfer in this discussion but rather that it can’t objectively be determined. Jamo is trying to make a case that one opinion is better supported than the other by quantitative facts. I feel that those facts are no more conclusive than the simple fact 18>14 (or 6,7,8 &9 > 4&5). Obviously a case could be made for both but my point is that the statistics provided do not conclusively support his case to the EXTENT that he thinks....
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