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I swear she's destined for the screen. Closest thing to...      ...that you've ever seen.
I didn’t think it was hilarious, but I found it mildly amusing, just as I do when Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornhieser do it on their ESPN show, “Pardon The Interruption” They call it “role-play” wherein one of them dons a cardboard cutout masks of the athlete/coach/ owner that the other one conducts a “fake interview” with. The answers are generally snarky self- reflective confirmations of popular criticisms attributed to that particular celebrity. PTI isn’t The Onion...
My Cousin Vinny referennce! Yaaaaay.
Let me try to understand. If, in a two team event, team A dominates team B on a regular basis and team B invites team C into a rotation that's an act of cowardice how? How is that going to change the relationship between team A and B? How is A "ducking" B? Do you buy the premise that the US team needs this to provide more incentive to win? I think that's nonsense but if you buy it then your position is effectively that "yeah, we win all the time because we want to and you...
More; any media personality, celebrity, politician...etc. will refer to the word as "the N word' and will never actually use the word in any context.
And I reiterate; In this country, when it comes to that word (when used by non-blacks) context is IRRELEVENT! I think I'm in a better position to know than you. I live here.
Tell that to Paula Dean!!!!
I guess I just can't explain how whiny and entitled you sound by suggesting this was meant as a "penalty for winning". I don't particularly care if there is any change in format. I think recent success by Europe is just a normal cyclical trend seen in sports all of the time and i would rather it stay the same. In the US we've seen AL baseball dominate NL baseball over a period of years and vice versa. the same with the AFC and NFC in football. Eventually they all turn...
I didn't say I liked the idea. I don't. I still think it's a stretch to consider it a penalty for success. it's a new format under which all three entities play under the same rules and the only penalty incurred is is incurred for losing. Your "its roots" statement is ridiculous. The rest of your reasoning as to why its a bad idea is perfectly sound.
I think its funny that you suggest that they would be penalized for being successful, when the penalty would only be incurred IF THEY LOSE.
New Posts  All Forums: