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Well I don't do twitter and its not likely that I'll have any opportunity to talk to him personally anytime soon but what I'm talking about is the image that he projects on television. While I'm sure you can't get a 100% accurate picture of someone's personality from what they project on TV I believe that in most cases it can't be far off. After all, they're not actors. they're not trying to hide who they are. For example, Billy Horschel comes across as an intense...
Really? So you look forward to the day when human athletes are replaced by robots?
But that's my point. Considering he has been on previous Ryder Cup teams (with some of the same guys) and he was supposed to be on this one, effectively that IS his team. Otherwise I agree. I would have no problem with other American Golfers saying they didn't watch if they had no actual connection to the team. When I first heard him say he didn't watch I almost expected him to give as a reason that it bothered him too much because he couldn't be there but when he didn't...
Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's a big deal, but just based on how I would feel about it if the star of my favorite pro team did something like this, it is, at least, a small deal. And correct me if I'm wrong but I believe he did make the team but had to withdraw. I'm not sure how your last statement is relevant since while golf is generally an individual sport, we're talking about the Ryder Cup here which is certainly a TEAM event.
And before I get jumped on for this analogy, I realize these two situations don't EXACTLY correlate (Winston is actually ON the team and Dufner is not although he would have been) but it's a matter of degree matching the level of similarity. While Winston would have justifiably taken ALOT of heat, I think Dufner should take some.
Actually I'm kinda with you Skydog. Let me first qualify this by saying that I am somewhat mystified by how many people on this forum count themselves as Dufner fans. To me, the guy has ZERO personality so I'm not quite sure what they are fans of. That being said (and back to the OT) this is, after all, a team he would have been on had he not been injured. Can you imagine the fan reaction if, say, Jamies Winston of FSU would have gotten hurt the game before their national...
 Several people have taken this overly simplified position and it really has no legs. Obviously winning requires better shot making and putting. The issue is why are European players with higher scoring averages, lower world rankings and less success at majors making better shots and more putts than their American counter parts in these competitions. Obviously there’s a psychological component to this. Anyone who has ever played this game knows the mental aspect is hugely...
 Admittedly my short game is not the best. I would not have described a "thin shot that still carries reasonable distance, fairly straight" as "brutally topped". That conjurs up images of a complete duff that barely goes 50 yds. But I still believe I don't do either one as much as 5% of the time (combined). My ball striking problems are mostly pushes, pulls and over-cuts but I do make solid contact 95% of the time. Guess I need to work on my short game.
I think its pretty amazing that you've gotten to an 11 HC while "brutaly topping" 20% of your shots. I don't think I'll ever get down to an 11 and I top the ball less than 5% of the time.
Ok there's two I don't get: "Derek Jeter-left" considering he's a right handed batter who makes his living hitting to right field...? and "there is no spoon"...huh?
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