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I am getting excited for my 9hole tonight. Hit the range yesterday with a nice draw to my driver but fade to my wood and irons. Anyone know what would cause the difference with draw/fade with different clubs? The swing feels the same but the angel is different I guess. 😨
Booked me a 9 hole tomorrow night after work. Picked up a new 3wood on sale at golftown too. Excited to put it to work.
I think vision can be more pre-emptive with trying to see the ball leave the club face you need to look forward in advance. Sound is more reative the way I think about it so I always hear the sound then look for my ball :)
I had the same trouble and still do with looking up to early causing me to stand up and top the ball... wait to hear the sound of impact then look is what helped me... but not all the time lol.
I cought on to mine quite early and I am glad. Focused on keeping some pressure with my left hand pinky on the club and a solid wrist/straight arm at impact. If I hit a slice I can feel that I didnt keep my pinky pressure on the club. Its wired into my swing now
Booking another round for sunday. Hopefully will be able to hit the range and chipping greens before hand and get some good work in. Will post my results!
More progress! Managed to shoot 96 yesterday including quite a few penalty balls. If it wasnt for those I figure I would have been in the 80s. Felt very good.
My approach wedge is 49. Use my 52 in the sand as it is the only one I have atm..
Hey guys. Currently looking to expand my wedges.. have a 52° and a pitching and approach wedge that came witg my iron set. Just wondering what you guys would recommend for degrees I should look at. Im thinking a 58 to get some close distance as I am not good yet with 1/2 swings or in that area. Thoughts and comments appreciated!!
Played 14 holes last night after work before the sun went down... managed to get a nine on a par 3 followed by a birdy on a par 5... love and hate this game
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