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   I agree. The faded numeros are consistent with that model. Also, a fake club will typically have a mess goin' on at the ferrule (where the shaft meets the head). Very unlikely a shyster would go thru the effort/money to re-grip a set of irons he was lookin' to peddle, too.    You're all good.    Take one more club and get it pin-high, Ricky  ..           .
  Go to your local Golfsmith-type place and check out the Used Club/Trade-In section. When the Sales guy comes around, tell him your story. Try to find a 7I and/or a 9I that's 1/2" or 1" longer than standard. Go with a Brand Name (Titleist, Callaway, Ping, etc) cavity-back. Even if it's 10+ years old, it's gonna better than a non-Brand Name stick. Shouldn't cost ya more than $20 a piece. Ensure the grooves are still "decent" and that the grip isn't greasy. Bang those clubs...
.     Take a couple of them down to your Golfsmith-type place or the best course near you. They (or the Pro) will be able to quickly determine if they're fakes.     There are thousands of counterfeits on eBay, especially wedges, and I've even come across a Seller who unbeknownst to him wound up with six dozen fake Pro V1s. Any novice golfer would likely not know the difference.          If any eBay golf club is "brand new" and the Seller has more than one for...
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