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Z star xv. I was the same way as you with the long distance but crazy misses. Honestly best thing to do is like others have said fix the swing. I switched my grip up a little and has done wonders.
I loved this putter in the store but not so much the price tag
I wear prescription sunglasses and have no problems
Really liked the show but totally agree with you
Bio cell driver and bio cell fairway for 299$. The driver alone is 220 or something like that up here in canada
Driver 200- cobra amp 3 wood 125- cobra amp 3 iron 88-cobra bio cell 4-pw 800- cobra amp cell Gw 100- Cleveland cg14 Sw 150- titleist vokey sm5 Lw 150- titleist vokey sm5 Putter 120- taylormade spider counterbalanced Bag 175- sun mountain four.5
Golftown has a deal for driver fairway bio cell for 299$. Worth it?
I hear ya. So I just ship to a place in the states that is close and whenever we go down for some golf or shopping I pick them up. Do the same with clubs
I can honestly say I can hit the green from 150 probably 60-70% of the time. Now being close to the hole is another question but that's my strong point in my game
Agreed. And also you can find some deals on the pre spin skin ones. Or some stores have buy 2 get one free.
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