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It's poopy
Meh could have found betterWould be much more exited for a Fargo season 2
have a roku 2 that I strictly use for Netflix and a bit of youtube. If I had a do over I wouldn't buy it and just hook up a laptop to get the same stuff
Looks like it will be Ertz getting lots of targets Sr hopeing that Haden covers Torrey And not pierce cause he's not active
What's with all the hype around zero friction tees? Seems like a lot of you use them
Ok couple here. Ertz or Rudolph Hopkins or Steve smith sr 3 of, Asiata, gerhart, pierce or Terrance west
24 mojo and a tmade glove for the dads bday
Didn't like madden at all. Traded it in when id got nhl for ps4. Holy crap whatta game
On season 5 of Trailer park boys. Classic
R11 for me just cause it fits perfect and is soft. But sadly only have one new one left the. I'll have to start paying big bucks for the tour premiums
New Posts  All Forums: