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Hopefully we get some good showings from Hearn, delaet, hadwin, weir and other Canadians. But totally agree with furyk
Haha ok sorry about not stating it in a clear way. My bad
Ummm it would be a shot to the ego cause you would be taking the easy way out and for some people, me included, it would seem like a totally different sport
What shafts y'all got in the 55s? I hit my current amp cells with stock shaft way to high and want to bring that down. I know it's a personally feel thing but was thinking kbs tours
Op looks stupid now eh?
Putter is all about feel and confidence. If you are a lot more confident with it and also if you have the wallet for one then go ahead. If the club makes you happy then go get it!
I'm not a good putter but trust me... Wouldn't be any three putts
Golftown daily deal: tmade spider counter balenced for 119. Thought id give her a go
I have two. First was on the 4th home I was in the right rough and my dad was in the left so I grabbed a 7 and 5 and walked to my ball. I ended up being probably 140 away and I hit my 7 around 170. There was also a tree right in front of me so I hit a 3/4 20 yard fade and put it about 10 feet behind the hole! It felt so great Second was on the last hole. I was 111 out and there was a little group of short trees blocking my view of the flag. Ended up putting it 2 feet to...
New Posts  All Forums: