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Last hole had about 50 yards with ball above my feet and a tree behind me. Also a couple huge trees infrint of me. I had to aim a bit right and swung big time inside and just got it over the trees and hooked it back on line. Landed 4 feet behind the hole but sadly just rolled of the green
Gave my dad 6 dozen lethals so he bought me a dozen z star xv yellow
Straight ball is polara golf balls
I'm on nfl network but would be down for a leauge
What's your swing speed? I'm around 110-115 and hit the ball way to high. So was wondering which was lower spinning lower launch
With the addition of a bushnell this year, I'm pretty confident in my yardages Lw- 50 and in Sw-50 to100 Gw- 120 Pw- 135 9 - 145 8-165 7-180 6- 190 5-205 4-215 3- 225 3 wood 260 from tee and deck Driver- I have no idea. Hit a 307 today but probably average with roll out 280 Putter- deadly from inside 1 foot 😉
Afwul round today so I guess best shot was a 307 yard bomb I hit in the middle of the fairway. About the only thing that went right
Cobra bio cell 3 iron to add to my amp cell set. Have had enough with hybrids
Freeman rb falcons. With Jackson always getting hurt, and falcons wanting to get roughing by possibly pounding the rock a little. Also looks solid in the pass game Other guys who aren't total sleepers. Zach ertz, Bernard pierce, brandin cooks, Jeremy maclin
I would guess he has 2-3 more very good years. Still a top 3 cb but let's see if revis island is still a no fly zone
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