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I was in a tourney once 4 people. This one guy had a warmup and routine for every shot that would have put anyone to sleep... Do your thing and hit the freaking ball!!!. However, he played very well and was -2 under at the 7th... Now comes the 7th, 550ish yard par 5 elevated tee woods on the left and about 200+ to good landing area.(flat) This guy steps up and hits his first O.B. Lets everyone else hit......steps up and rockets #2 O.B. again... we all figure he is going to...
I was B-fit for Bridgestone e7 golf balls - Webb Simpson @ -8 -J.B Holmes @ -8 - Francesco Molinari @ -8
The day when all 3 of your picks don't even make the cut :/ Tom Watson making the cut........true Ryder Cup captain leadership!!!
 That is totally priceless!!!!! Hidden fees, raising APR... all the stuff that normal joe gets nabbed with all the freaking time.Internet info is amazing. I had a Mortgage that was transfered or bought out by another company. I was upset about the way the transfer went and the way that my payments were messed up ect. When I was going to access my info through their web site, I punched in the name of the mortgage company. Believe it or not like 5 search inquiries down on...
People Breaking Clubs........that stuff cracks me up! I guess if my tour wins were in the Millions I could handle it. But, a poor golfer like me, NO WAY!!
I have a sister that owns a coffee shop and she showed me the butter/coffee combo.... It is supposed to be some fo fo grass only fed cows butter and something else special about it.... I looked it up of course its one of those absorb fat burn fat stupid trends....... Only way I taint my coffee is with half and half, would drink straight black but after 5 or 6 cups it gets to my stomach:/
I like to hit irons off of the mats. Even though I usually have a target I use those hits to get that feel of contacting the ball before the ground. You can really feel and tell the lift and the vibration of a well hit (ball first) shot vs a hit the ground shot alot better. Another thing I think a driving or practice range gives you that you can't do on a course is; experiment with swing speed and tempo, try drawing or fading the ball. You aren't going to be as focused on...
Looks like I will be another that tries to get into the Wheel of Time stories..... sounds like you have enjoyed it.The George Martin books where my first fantasy/fictional books I had read, and even though around book 3 he started to aggravate me, they were interesting and the build up of another world was essentially amazing.
Interesting, give me a long poke iron over a hybrid any day. I think with the larger club head and whatnot I have higher expectations with a hybrid and yeah I end up topping it or shooting an arrow that doesnt come near my expectations
That is exactly what brings everyone back to play even though the game can be downright rotten. lol The one good hit where it went exactly where you want it.
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