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That's the problem with society today - someone could be wearing a red left sock, and if they have long pants on, you might accidentally PLAY GOLF WITH THEM AND NEVER KNOW!!!
 I'm guessing that a gorilla with a putter could beat my 1-iron.
I just use a (dry) brush to clean them during the round...maybe not after every shot, but more often with the wedges.  It's rare that I need more than a dry brush, if I do I just squirt a little water out of my water bottle directly onto the club.
How the heck would I know?   I'm imagining the OP issuing a brief personal survey to anyone he is paired up with on the course.
 "Fairways of Halfmoon" is a weird name; it sounds more like a J.R.R. Tolkien novel than a golf course.
 That was exactly what I was trying to accomplish.   The "myth" that occurred to me as I was driving nearly the full length of the PA Turnpike this morning (and saw a trooper about every 10 miles) was the idea that State Police have a monthly ticket quota, and you're more likely to get a ticket at the end of the month.
I would love this, but it is the same weekend as the Pittsburgh/Ohio TST outing. http://thesandtrap.com/t/83538/2015-tst-erie-cleveland-pittsburgh-etc-outing-fri-sat-sept-18-19/ You should join in on that (it is Saturday).
holds breath in anticipation of a "climate-change" grenade being lobbed into this thread
 Gotcha.  So when planning your shot zones, you can use the 279 number, but when comparing to the "similar" player you want to also know the severity of those mishits.  Makes a lot of sense.
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