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I've had three (sadly, more than once). One of the times was in three different "hazards" - lost ball into the woods right off the tee, second tee shot into a creek, third shot into the same creek further up (this was the 18th at Paxon Hollow in Media, PA).
When it's done well, I think I shoot about the same (that's what I voted for). I may leave a putt or two way short early, but long putts are easier to leave close. Also, I don't really get much spin on my wedges in the short game, so it helps quite a bit that pitches/chips don't roll out as much.
  Looks like TST's contextual advertising thinks he was just using the wrong brand of chainsaw.
I am on my second pair of True shoes.  I had a pair of the Phx and fell in love with them...when I wore them out, I bought the Proto.  Couldn't be happier.  I tried on a few of the minimalist offerings from other companies, and I think they may have matched the "zero-drop" sole, but none had the same room in the toebox.   I don't think I'll ever own a different brand of golf shoes.
Did anyone else see this thread title and think "That would result in a pull-draw, right?"
A couple trailers from E3:   EA Sports PGA Tour Golf 2015:   The Golf Club:   I think it will be great to finally have a real competitor to EA Sports.  I'm particularly interested in the course-design feature - looks very cool.
View of the 18th from the bar/restaurant deck at Paxton Hollow Golf Club, in Media, PA (just NW of Philadelphia):    
 I can save myself some time - from 15', I'm going to be within a foot (long/short) with all 5, but there's no way all 5 are going to be within 1-2 inches.  So, there's the answer...I guess I have just noticed that it's much WORSE on uphill/downhill putts. It sounds from your post that you go more by feel, rather than "setting" a target a certain distance short/long.  So maybe my approach isn't the issue, just my poor control overall.   I think I'm good there - I do sort...
My distance control is very poor on uphill and downhill putts - it is tough for me to "adjust" my speed, and I end up leaving uphill putts very short and blowing downhill putts past the hole.   I don't think the problem is related to green reading - I am pretty good at determining left/right break, and I can generally tell how uphill/downhill a putt is.  I just can't get the speed right off the putter.   I think it may be a poor choice of technique: I think about how...
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