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That was my favorite part of the Bubba Watson video, too...the cameraman was probably well positioned for the "average drive", and it just sailed over his head.
When playing an actual round, I wear the glove only with the driver or fairway wood - on par 3's, or after my drive, it comes off.   On the range, I'll typically wear the glove the whole time.
There is a course near me (Turtle Creek - Limerick, PA) that has a version of this: they ask you to cross the rough only at 90 degrees, and not to ever park your cart in the rough.   Interestingly, this course's owners have operated a turf (sod) farm since before the course even existed, so I'm guessing they know their stuff.
I've had three (sadly, more than once). One of the times was in three different "hazards" - lost ball into the woods right off the tee, second tee shot into a creek, third shot into the same creek further up (this was the 18th at Paxon Hollow in Media, PA).
When it's done well, I think I shoot about the same (that's what I voted for). I may leave a putt or two way short early, but long putts are easier to leave close. Also, I don't really get much spin on my wedges in the short game, so it helps quite a bit that pitches/chips don't roll out as much.
  Looks like TST's contextual advertising thinks he was just using the wrong brand of chainsaw.
I am on my second pair of True shoes.  I had a pair of the Phx and fell in love with them...when I wore them out, I bought the Proto.  Couldn't be happier.  I tried on a few of the minimalist offerings from other companies, and I think they may have matched the "zero-drop" sole, but none had the same room in the toebox.   I don't think I'll ever own a different brand of golf shoes.
Did anyone else see this thread title and think "That would result in a pull-draw, right?"
A couple trailers from E3:   EA Sports PGA Tour Golf 2015:   The Golf Club:   I think it will be great to finally have a real competitor to EA Sports.  I'm particularly interested in the course-design feature - looks very cool.
View of the 18th from the bar/restaurant deck at Paxton Hollow Golf Club, in Media, PA (just NW of Philadelphia):    
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