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Thanks Shindig.  My irons are a second-hand set of Ping Eye 2s with steel shafts.  I also have a Ping Eye 3 wood, but I can't hit it or any other woods very well.  I am now the third owner of the irons and I don't know if the lengths of the shafts have ever been altered.  For what it is worth, I am a few inches taller than average.       I am also not fully clear on what is involved in a club fitting.  I worry a golf pro will fit me with clubs that are beyond what I need...
GolfTec . . . I have since learned that the views on GolfTec are mixed.
Hi - I am looking for the group’s thoughts on how I should prepare for getting back into golf over the next couple months.  The questions I need help with are as follows: 1) A golf pro said lessons will be of limited help until I upgrade my irons from the 1990s, is there any truth to this? 2) Should I purchase beginner irons that will help me hit the ball cleaner?  3) Will I benefit from a club fitting or not until I am at a more developed skill level? 4) How should I...
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