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Any truth to the rumor that Kim isn't allowed to come back because he wouldn't go into Re-hab after failed drug tests? Dustin will be back because he agreed to re-hab.
Do they come in a men's range?
You're right. I think it may have been the South African David Frost. The thought is that the metal drivers brought the field closer to the likes of Norman, whose ability with persimmon was head and shoulders above the majority.  Do you think cavity/game improvement irons are doing a similiar thing these days?
If you're changing irons to reduce your handicap I would say don't bother. I doubt your handicap will change dramtically either way. If you can get the cavities cheap, buy them and do the experiment.   I forget which pro said, "Game improvement irons will get you to Sunday, blades will win it for you."
G'day Paiste, I was playing modern cavities for about 5 years and my hcp fluctuated between 7 & 10. For the past 3 years I started collecting and using old 1970 to 1990 blades. I swap iron sets every month or so for  bit of a change.  After 3 years of using old blades my hcp still fluctuates between 7 &10.  Difference, my next new set costs $100, not $600   People tend to forget that in the years before "cavity/GI" became fashionable, EVERYBODY PLAYED BLADES.   Why...
New Posts  All Forums: