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I guess if it had to have a logo or pictures on it maybe a old school 6- shooter on the back with one bullet next to it and on the face read FINAL SHOT
I think it should be of nickel finish and read " FINAL SHOT" no frills no gimmicks it's always the last shot of the hole the most important one . Mallet style head ,offset shaft , oversize grip for better control
I have always had good luck and great drives with the cobra drivers. I started with a 12 and loved it then went to a 10.5 which is consistent for me at like 240-280 yd . Check the golf shows And last years models for demos and better pricing don't start off high end right away and spend too much money. You might find what you want by trying your friends drivers on the course that's always better conditions to sample clubs on the course. If you can really swing a club...
Cobra Amp Cell most forgiving clubs and great distance in the sweet spot. Even if you don't hit the sweet spot your still ok
My DRIVER: Cobra 10.5 Most consistent club in the bag (avg: 260-300) The next would be 7 iron . Have played with the Amp cell irons for a year now and love every minute of each club . Once I started using the clubs I added at least 20- 30yds of distance to most of the irons. 7 iron is the most versatile club in my bag
Got out this weekend and played ,lowered my tee and things seem a little better then with a higher tee.Still getting distance with lees loft on the shot had a eagle op and blew it with a S_ _ _ _ _ putt but still birdied the hole.   Improving every time out
Shot Boulder Creek today 81 Par. 65 course is beautiful set in the trees and lush setting of the Santa Cruz mountains cheap green fees and carts are ok
Played Boulder Creek today started off with a birdie and 2nd hole +3. Wasted birdie settled down and finished with 81 on a par 65 . Total 4 pars 2 birdies best was. Par 5 on the green in three putted in for birdie Had a eagle op swept the putt the wrong way All in all great day with Dad
Let's see some BayArea courses !!!!!
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