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Thanks all!    Any other advice or info on what they offer is welcomed!   Usually just buy nike golf gear b/c its the best fit or some Peter Millar stuff, but that's a bit bigger. Hopefully they have stuff that'll be a good fit
 yup there's definitely a premium but if the course is legit enough i like to take something home. was just wondering what other good brands people like out there that are often offered in shops. i always go for the nike stuff since i trust the fit, but was just wondering if the other brands are solid. rarely see callaway stuff though.
Going to my first Masters. Really lucky and so excited. I want to load up on the gear you can only get there, but want to do that, get it over with and get on to beers and golf all day. Have Thursday and Friday passes. Any advice on what are the best products to buy there? I've gone to the US Open (at congressional) and the merch tent was enormous - so much selection. So I imagine the same for the Masters. One thing that was disappointing at the US Open was that I bought...
These days, I like to snag one thing at every place (that's awesome) I play - like to have stuff with logos of courses I play if possible. It's usually a polo or a hat. Most nice courses have a solid selection of gear and I've typically only snagged Nike stuff, but wondering if people have thoughts on what brands they like for polos and other gear. Curious what are generally the best brands...I've found a solid fit for the most part with Nike polos, but I always see other...
Thanks everyone for the advice! Plan to play this fairway off the tee and off the deck. Sounds like the smart thing to do is snag a 3 wood since my 3 hybrid/rescue is pretty much a 5 wood (maybe with a little lest distance?).  Here's some answers to people's questions in case it helps give further advice. Didn't make it out today to test the clubs, but will probably go out tomorrow morning instead.  Probably average upper 90s (96 to 100) on 18 180 yds I'd say. probably hit...
haha my mistake. the 1 handicap was a rush for me to set up an account...just to bypass that field. Sorry for the misleading info and thanks for taking the time to answer based on wrong info!   i don't know my handicap!    that change advice?
I do have a driver in my bag. It's a TaylorMade R1 that im just starting to hit straight (about 70 percent of the time :-))    so yeah that's why i'm jumping into a fairway wood...i just have a driver and that hybrid/rescue and feel unequipped on par 5's since i hit my average shot on that hybrid about 190 to 200 yards.  looking for something a little in between the driver and hybrid...but wasnt really sure what makes sense to round out my tools.
I have this hybrid/rescue in my bag and love it: TaylorMade Raylor Rescue - It's a 3 (http://www.usawholesalegolf.com/gallery.php?id=452)   I want to add a fairway wood to my bag....thinking either the TaylorMade Jetspeed or the RBZ Stage 2, but I'm not sure what I need or what's more reasonable...should I get a 5 wood or a 3 wood? which would make more sense with my 3 hybrid/rescue?   Thanks! Probably going to go out and test em tomorrow and buy.
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