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I was off 27 this time last year, but have got down to 21.5 now. I feel confident of getting down to 20 by the end of the summer. The main reason was buying and mastering a new driver, very rarely go three off the tee now. Also hit nothing bigger than 6 iron of the fairway. My woods were so inconsistant. I just hit 6 iron even if I know I can't reach the green. This just leaves a wedge and a put or two for par or bogey.
Had my best year at golf. Won two medals and a foursomes trophy, but my handicap has only reduced from 27.1 to 24.6. This I find very frustrating. I think the main issue is my club only plays individual comps once a month. The rest of the time it is pairs or team comps. This weekend I played a pairs better balll comp and came on the card 12 times with 6 pars and 6 bogeys but didn't get cut. With so few chances to get a good handicap reducing score in I feel under loads of...
This weekend we played a foursomes comp at my home club. Myself and my regular playing partner shot a gross 80 to win the comp. I play of 25 and my partner of 20. The shots allowed half the combined but max 20, so we had 20 shots giving us net 60 (course par is 69) My question is should we both get cut for this? I really want to get my handicap down but unless I do well in an individual comp I can not seem to get cut. I want go go and challenge the handicap...
I use the baseball grip with my driver, hitting much straighter like this but I think I'm sacrificing a little distance.
I love my Adams Idea A7 6 iron, love that club
91. Had 50 on the front and 41 on the back. Had an 8 on the 5th after driving the middle of the fairway and putting my second OB. If it wasn't for that i would finally broke 90. With my back 9 though I think I will break 90 soon.
Played just the back 9 at my home club and shot 42. I have never managed to break 90 there over 18 holes. so hoping if I take this form into the weekend comp then I have great chance of finally doing it.
^ that does make sense, thanks My 65 actually won the comp, so I'm expecting some bandit comments this weekend from other members
This weekend I shot 92 of a handicap of 27.1, giving me 65 net. Our SSS is 68 (par 69) so I was -3 differential. I got cut 3 x 0.4, total 1.2 down to 25.9. My question is that during the round I had 3 triple bogeys, and my understanding is that for handicap purposes you only count a maximum of 2 over par for each hole. To me this should have given my a -6 differential and cut me 2.4. I asked the handicap committee and they say they only make such adjustments in a...
I joined my golf club as a complete novice having only played a couple of rounds of golf previously. My three handicap cards where all 110 -120. I played there for 5 years making marginal improvements, but then the back end of last year I broke hundred and started playing to my 28 handicap. This year it is starting to click with my and my handicap has started to drop. I'm now scoring low 90's and I hope to break 90 soon, and my target is to get down to a handicap of 20 by...
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