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Question - I just googled 5SK  This is a place to find an instructor - I had the impression you were talking about a forum of some sort.  I'll do some more research into 5SK, and thank you for the help (My instructor has basically turned me from a bad golfer into a worse golfer, and I am starting to understand why so many people are giving up on golf - they pay an instructor tons of money and see little to no improvement or in my case they end up worse then when they...
Thank you all for the responses. I didn't realize it would bring up such ill feelings towards this company.    I can say that some of the ideas I saw in the video do seem a bit out there, or stretching, but I figured that was because I didn't understand them. However, I did some research on alignment in the golf swing, and a lot of what they're saying is true. I should have directed my questions to the idea of measuring knee angle and alignment.    The reason I'm...
I found this video over the weekend. I sat down and watched it from beginning to end. It brings up some good points, and got me thinking that there's more to the golf swing than going out and hitting balls at the range untill my hands get sore.  I just wanted to know if anyone has any success with this company as a golfer? Are there theories on swing mechanics true?   Thank you!
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