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Callaway Razr fit extreme driver Diablo 4 wood Taylor Made RBZ stage 2 18.5 hybrid Taylor Made Tour Preferred MC irons 3-pw Vokey 52 and 58 Slazenger Kirk Currie putter which I adore leftover beers
I know that I have a pretty high swing speed, but would like an accurate reading to see if I really need to play ProV1x's. I am quite tall and have super long arms which leads me to believe I have a big swing speed but I have a tendency to play the ball forward on my stance on my irons which seems to kill any kind of spin control on the ball. I'm tossed between whether to slow my swing, or to reconsider the ball I play for increased control. I'm not flush, so a Cheap way...
Wow those VG3s look perfect, but even though work has been well, I'm still young and that is well beyond what I can afford.
I went with the same shafts, albeit newer, S300 stiffs and in 3-pw standard lie and length. I would love to get them for this weekend although this might be a perfect farewell for my trusty 962s, going out with my buddies on Saturday, and with my parents for Fathers day on Sunday.
I bought a set of TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC
I'm 6'6" with super long arms, I play standard length even though I'm a tall guy. I also use a prosthetic and have a full arm, I lost my hand at the wrist.   I guess 330 is a but much, but I definitely average on the north side of 300.   Anyways, any other suggestions?
So does everyone play with 3 woods and 3 wedges now? I just bought a 58 degree to replace both my 56 and 60 so I could add another wood to my bag, guess I really didn't need to do that.
Also, because of my swing speed, I would prefer a 3-pw instead of what seems normal now 4-gw. I have a 52, 56 and 60 Vokey with Diablo Driver and 18 degree.
I'm currently in the market for a new (used) set of irons. I currently play with an old set of Titleist 962 with s300 stiff shafts, standard lie and standard length. I am a left handed amputee and use a prosthetic so I am not able to shape the ball as well as I'd like. I haven't been playing nearly as often as I used to after I played high school, but I have started seeing noticeable improvement in my game this year that warrants me to think about new clubs. I carry about...
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