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Anyone got a pair and if so hat are they like? And what does AWD stand for?
Titliest Vokey SM5's 50 degree 54 degree 58 degree
Anyone played it or anyone a member? I'm going to have a look next week and play a few holes with the general manager. It's only been open a year and already in the top 100 in England. Any thoughts gratefully be received, but not of the type of 'oh that's elitist and for rich people'. With the greatest of respect...
Royal Cinque Ports North Berwick Royal Adelaide
I took early retirement three years ago at the age of 51. Lucky me. I took up golf and decided to try and learn properly. I have a weekly lesson with a PGA pro, practice between 20 and 30 hours a week and play once or twice a week. All I can say is golf is hard(as Adam Scott said after the US Open). I've been doing this for two and a half years and I've got from not having a clue to 16. Good coaching and deliberate practice do make a difference if you are lucky enough to...
What about Loch Lomond, which I have had the good fortune to play? Has held theScottish Open a number of times, marvellous course and setting, close to Glasgow? Members might object to crowds and pros ruining a course that is like visiting a different world
Are there other new venues up for consideration? Royal Cinque Ports held two opens, marvellous course, far better than St George's, for example. Royal Dornoch, great call
Cheers Erik! So if you were coaching me and I said I feel very comfortable at 80bpm, would you say fine go with it, or prefer me to slow down? Where do I buy your book, Lowest Score Wins…?
What tempo do pros putt at? I've got my metronome set at 80 bpm son you take back on the tick and strike on the tock. Too fast?
Brilliant Cheers Iacas
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