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Match play does affect strategy.  Sometimes playing for money is not smart when you are the guy always giving 12 or 14 shots.  Played with a group once and shot 67 and lost $20.00.  Figured out later I would have had to shoot 63 to break even.  Lots of folks out there very proficient at managing their handicap. :-)  #EssentiallyGolf
We are all drawn to golf for different reasons.  I was drawn to golf because I didn't need anyone else in order to play or practice.  Having played at a professional level I can tell you that it is only between you and the course.  Love to play with friends and have a great time, but can't concentrate and focus enough to play my best.  Now if we play for money, that's a different thing.
Sorry chipandcharge.  Way to deep for me.  I get a lot more out of playing by myself because I can concentrate.  Don't have to listen to jokes, stories, how well they played last time, temper fits, or hunt somebody else ball.
Sounds great.  Just remember that swing faster is not the same as swinging harder.
Don't count on it.
I agree!  Very well said.  I would rather wait a few years when can look back on Tiger's entire career to have this debate.
There was a point in time when I think Tiger was the best that ever played.  He could intimidate the field like Jack did.  I just think that time has passed and we won't ever see it again.
If Tiger can get back to his original form we can have that discussion.  Right now he's not in the top four.
That's what attracted me to golf as a kid.  It was just me and the course.  Best way there is to get better.  Ended up turning professional and playing briefly on the tour.
Do you realize that a +5 is going to average below 63 on a course rated at 68.0 which is a common rating?  Never even seen anyone on TV that good.
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