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Thanks to all for your help. I can't do to much research right now...I'm supposed to be researching kitchen stuff these days. I'll be sure to bookmark this thread. WindLaker
Just paid off our mortgage a couple of months ago.   We're modeling our kitchen this winter, and either next year or the year after we are remodeling our patio (depending on how much we spend on the kitchen).   I'm considering a putting green, probably about 30' in diameter.  Going to be directly off the patio, pretty much at ground level.   I live in Wisconsin, so I'm concerned about the longevity of a synthetic putting surface.   Just looking for any...
I've read "Golf Flow by Gio Valiente (SP?).   It hasn't lowered my scores a bunch, but it helps mo not to meltdown on the course.
Most people can run as fast as a golf cart.
I have exactly the same thing going on with me right now.  Hoping for some sage advice.
I used to have lots of lower back pain.  No surgery, just years of pain.  One time I blew out my back (severe spasm, as usual), and my wife said I'm going to the Doc.   Got set up with a Physical Therapist.  He told me (in a nutshell here) that my "girdle" (hips, core quads & hamstrings) were weak and very tight.  Set me up on a program with a Personal Trainer, who focused on those areas.  Various exercises & stretches, weight training, etc.  That was about 10 years...
I've always carried until I hit 50.  Then, I carried when playing 9, took a cart for 18 holes.   Starting having knee pain a couple of years ago.  Arthritis, Miniscus (SP?) wearing out, all sorts of stuff.  Doctor told me to get a push/pull cart to help the knee.  Said carrying the extra weight puts more wear on the knee.   Sucks getting old.
Got my rejection E-Mail(s) (2) different E-Mail accounts yesterday & today.
Try to hit right down the middle, escaping gas be damned!
I do fart as needed...I can't play under pressure.
New Posts  All Forums: