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I've hit a couple of those. Usually, those balls are either defects, or have had chunks taken out of them by mowers, shankers, toppers, or skullers, or could be 2 piece balls that separated a bit at impact and fluttered like a maimed dove. 
I wonder what they use to pick the "balls". 
In the pic he looks like "What else do you need repaired?" 
The course I played 27 holes on last Friday is next to a pig farm. The 9 holes we played twice just so happened to be downwind from the pig farm.    I could probably tape my face to someone's bunghole after they ate a buffet burrito dinner and won a pickle eating contest and still be okay compared to that stench.    Wanna fart on course. Let her rip. 
I did a lot of research about range balls about 10 years ago when I was trying to buy a practice range, and I can say that range balls are designed for longevity, not measuring distances with your clubs. If you want to measure how far you hit your clubs, find a field and hit the balls you usually play with. That is the only way to do it.  What you can do at the range is just check the direction and basic ball flight tendencies. Anything other than that you are not going...
Nice dog braddah. I never had a boxer, but they look like a gas to own. Those and either Border Collies or Australian Shepherds would be my next dog if I found enough energy to care for them properly. 
Like Janet Jackson sang, "What have you done for me lately?" If Tiger isn't healthy and/or swinging well, let him watch it on TV while recovering from his injury, which will hopefully be quick. IOW, if your F1 car crashed and had some body panels ripped off, you can't expect to put it back on the track to legitimately compete against the other drivers in perfect cars.  15 years ago? Sure, Tiger was so good that he could compete against the others even if he was injured....
Nice pets and pics peeps. I have had about 10 dogs until now, 2 Borzoi, 1 Doberman, a Beagle, a Jack Russell Terrier, a Maltese, and a few mutts. All of them were great in their own way.    Now, I have two female Ragdoll kittens. Maui is a 3 year old Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll. She is very calm and will sit on my shoulder to be taken out for walks. If I jingle the keys she will run to the front door, then jump on my shoulder while I put on my shoes. She doesn't like...
Thanks braddah .   While the angle looked pretty good after torching and torquing it, I went out and bought a cheapo putter that had "850g" on a sticker on it, that the shaft will fit my Scotty Cameron Kombi head. So, I removed the head, and will soon weigh both of them to see if I can adjust the weights a tad on my SC to make it feel right for me.    Hopefully my modifications will get Scotty Cameron's seal of approval. If not, oh dear! What shall I do?  
As we mentioned before, this is a funny as hell thread. I bought a long Scotty Cameron Kombi Studio Select putter, chopped it off at the top of the long grip, and gave it a round. The length and shaft angle were wrong since it was not designed to be a short putter. So I got a torch, heated up the elbow near the putter head and gave it a few good pushes to change the angle to something more manageable.   It was still too heavy, and I didn't have the proper tool to take...
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