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They are really easy to hit. Just got fitted recently for some Mizuno JPX EZs. I was surprised when I got them that I had a hybrid 4-6, and I wasn't really happy to have a hybrid 6 iron. Played them for the first time today and what do you know, used the 6 hybrid 3 times on Par 3's and knocked it stiff on all 3. My only concern was that I was able to hit it around 170, while I only hit my 7 iron about 155. That is quite the gap to deal with. 
I've been taking my daughters to play all summer, just getting them into the game. US Kids Golf clubs are good, and as said above, matched up by your child's height. Here is a blog post with some info: http://www.peterchase.net/the-kids-are-alright-5-keys-to-helping-your-child-enjoy-playing-golf/#more-85
 Thanks, I'll check that out.
This is why I am asking. I have no adjustment for windy conditions. It's not a high penetrating flight either, it's more like someone is dropping the ball out of the sky. Sometimes I am surprised it gets to the green, it keeps falling and falling and somehow makes it. Other times, as I said, it comes up short even though I feel I've hit it well. 
Hello all:   I have a very high ball flight with my irons, and I'm trying to figure out if that is something that needs to be fixed or adjusted. For context, I'm about 5'10 175 and I hit my 7 iron about 150-155 and the other irons + or - 10 yards from there. That yardage is all in the air, and where ever it comes down, it sticks. I leave pretty large ball divots on the green and soft fairways. Obviously I'm losing some distance, and I do leave it short occasionally, but...
Is there any difference in the quality of fitting, or salesperson, at a place like Golfsmith/Golf Galaxy vs. a Dick's? In other words, a golf store vs. a sporting goods store that sells golf equipment.   Also, I see that Golfsmith has 3 types of fittings. Any info on the quality of the different fittings?
I am a teacher and basketball coach. Summer is a great time for improving the golf game!
New Posts  All Forums: