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If they are playing off different tees I can't see how this will work.  Yes the course is rated 2.9 shots different, but what about the holes which are different pars? For instance one hole that is a par 4 for the man - is a par 5 for the woman.  If this was say the womens 5th stroke and mans 2nd stroke hole.  They both get a respective par.  So him a 4 her a 5, she takes 1 stroke off her 5 strokes - giving her a 4 - so your saying this hole was halved?
Got my full set of I25's  replaced - 3 - LW - only bubbling on one club and perhaps a hint of it starting on another.
I have the same problem as the image posted on my 6 iron - I25 - 2 months old.  All the other irons look fine, the bubbling around the front edge on toe of the club.  I was wondering if I had caused it myself but after looking at these photos I will be taking it back to be replaced
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