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I disagree that coloured balls are easier to find for older eyes. My GF just took up the game, and still being a girl at 54, she bought pink balls.   Can't find them at all. We spent more time looking for her balls that she hit 50-70 yards than any drive of mine. The pinkish-purple just seems to blend in with the colour of old divots and dying grass. We literally drove over some balls. Meanwhile, we could be 150 yds from my white ball, and it stood out like a beacon.
When I read Gallwey's "the Inner Game of Golf" years ago, I came to a similar, yet quite opposite, conclusion. From listening to pro's on interviews to my own experience, I realized good golfers came in two distinct categories: 1) very smart individuals who had found ways to harness the power of their thinking minds, yet still let their subconscious body actually 'play' the shots, and 2) fairly thick individuals, who have difficulty holding two different thoughts in their...
My father gave me some advice years ago:   Never teach your wife to drive a standard, and never teach your wife to play bridge.   I'm adding "golf" to the list! Let someone else do it - she'll listen to them in a way she'll never listen to you, and you won't get as frustrated when you tell her she's bending her wrists and she says she's not, as her wrists hinge back and forth like a broken gate.
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