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What a tough spot.  If he doesn't play, he will be known as a sell-out.  If he does compete and fails, he loses a fortune and financial security.  Plus, the added pressure of scrutiny.    Bottom line - too much fame and fortune at a young age. 
   He has been more worried about the media/making money than playing golf. I just saw he tweeted he needs an agent. Pathetic.  Self-indulgent fraud, but that is where the world is going.  God forbid he would try to get a real job.
 It is more he isn't being honest with us. I also think he is incredibly short-funded and needs to keep this charade up to keep the media and investor money flowing in. The Catch-22 of the more tournaments he plays, the more it will expose that he is just another amateur golfer.  And that PGA Tour talk that generated interested becomes more of a joke.
I had to reread that too :)
My guess is the average tour pro would shoot 65 there. He is really only 1 shot a hole away from being a pro.  
In Portland City Championship   ***I did have a breakthrough with my putting and chipping and kept that going, which is huge in the long run.  4,761 remain. Random Stat: shot a 48-40 for a dismal 88.***   And he is getting flown to Australia?!
Something else about tournaments is that you play with other good players. Can definitely raise his game. He will see how other experienced players handle pressure and play certain shots. I think he should turn pro and go on gateway tour. Problem is that he is financially strapped. He wasn't really open about this from the get-go.
Well said. And handicap has double-bogey max for single digits. I just wish he was more honest with updating stats and scores and played more tournaments. 
It is very standard to just give putts in casual play, even in gambling games.  There is a scratch player that I play with that finds it insulting if he asked to putt a one-footer. The mentality of knowing that you don't have to make it in the hole is one separator of casual rounds vs tournament rounds.  Just got it somewhat near the hole and it is good.  The more he avoids tournaments, the worse he will play in tournaments.  And the couple he does play in will be layered...
Not the "only" way. But the best way.  And only scores I really count as legit since you have to follow all the rules and there are no gimmes.    And since his goal is to play on the PGA Tour, the ultimate tournament circuit in the world, I would think it would help prepare him best.   
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