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Hello all!   Looking for a decent golf tutor in Edinburgh, or as close to Edinburgh as possible, in Scotland. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also I'd prefer not to pay through the nose but a good rate for a couple of lessons would be great.   Thanks in advance!   Alan
Okay cool! Yeah that first video is exactly what I was doing without the extra tee. Sounds like its a winner even though it was just pure experimentation that I managed to do it. Thanks for the advice guys!@TimS65iac
Hullo folks! Right. I have always struggled with a slice from my driver. The reasons for this have been vast and over the past few months my pro and I have been working hard on my swing (on all my clubs) to correct this. Faults have been chicken wing plus swinging out to in by 2 degrees with the chicken wing causing an open club face. These are almost completely fixed with the wing gone and swinging straighter through my irons. Now today at the range I managed to rid my...
I've done some more research on this and the train of thought of a lot of articles is one degree of open club face to path will cause a ball movement of 4 yards (roughly). With the video above I need to re-align my body by 4 degrees, So does that therefore mean for a 200 yard drive I need to aim by body right by 48 feet at the point where the ball will land?   Sheesh! That seems excessive! Is that really how much you should aim your body? If so it is no wonder I have a...
Also, cheers for the warm welcome!!! :)
Thanks for that Billchao! This confirms what my thoughts were. I'll see what happens during my lesson later in the week (no doubt there will be other things which will cause my slice - bah) but a brilliant video nonetheless!
Hi there,   I have a swing thought that I would like some comments on when it comes to slicing my driver.  Any comments appreciated (including you are talking nonsense haha)   I am having an issue with my driver (don’t we all) that seems like it is fairly common – the dreaded slice!  Half of the shots I would normally hit with my driver fly dead straight however every other shot will result in a ball flight that is dead straight for say, 50-100 yards, and then the last...
New Posts  All Forums: