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A coat?
I think it's wonderful.
Not a big Gulbis fan from a hot chick standpoint, hate the super fake boobs, and lifting weights is never a good look.
Reed is really, really good, fun to watch that guy play. So is Matsuyama, what a chip shot on 15. Walker choked big time, if you look up choke on Wiki today you'll see a big picture of Jimmy Walker, wow. But you can't take much away from his game, he's a really great player.
They don't love the game then IMO, because for me, and everyone I play with, it's doesn't take long enough.Slow play? sure, it's a problem, different issue though.As long as I'm playing I don't want to stop, I'll walk 24 holes until it gets dark and then wake up and do it all again, 4+ hour rounds? who cares? make it 6, as long we're playing.I don't find time to play golf, I don't try to get rounds into my day, if duty doesn't call, then golf does and everything, and I...
If you buy the cork-sniffer custom clubs and always ride and play the nicest courses and want a complete wardrobe of the latest slim-fit clothing activewear then yes, golf can get a little pricey, but otherwise any person who wants to play the game on a budget can certainly do so and not have any less fun then the cork-sniffer. There are tons of used clubs that are barely used, it's the only way for those on a budget, no matter what level they are at, I'm on my third set,...
I don't think it's yips, it's just rust, golf is not like riding a bike and Tiger has probably not seen such a big break from the game since he was born.
I pick up the ball after double bogey all the time, without the ball in the hole, that's generally my max, sometimes triple but if I'm putting for a triple I'm not that inspired to put the ball in so it's rarely worth the trouble. But I don't keep overall score so I have no concerns like others, I have good holes and bad, that's it. I do it for two reasons- one pace of play- it's time to move on, and the other is if I played so poorly that I'm at double I don't deserve...
Go use the simulators in Anchorage or Palmer.
Another vote for Global, you may not get a full set for the $500, but you'll at the least have great used irons to start the journey, and know they're the real thing.
New Posts  All Forums: