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It's all hard, just when you think you have a certain part of the game down it smacks you back and you struggle, I think it's important for all beginners to concentrate on driving early in their learning, because if you can drive decent you can go out and play, and playing is the only way to really learn, but I find all parts of golf pretty much equally difficult.
I agree that irons are better, at least for me, I think I have an easier time hitting really down with irons and that's key in the deep rough, also I think I can generate more speed with the weight of an iron. I also agree not to get greedy with the loft, sure you may need to carry the ball about 200 yds but the rough will take that long iron and laugh at you, just accept a nice position to wedge in and pull the 7 IMO, maybe a 6.
I notice this was another case of a viewer calling in and letting them know about the infraction. Not a fan of this practice at all, if the officials don't call it, then the player should not be penalized, no way should a caller be able to point out a penalty.
Putting with a wedge is kind of hard, you have to blade it, I think gripping down on a hybrid would be better, but maybe I'm wrong.
Some good points being made here, I'll change my answer, gotta have a wedge, and I can putt with a 3h. 3h and SW
How to drink properly? not sure there's much to this one, have a beer, and then drink some water. you'll piss a lot, but will enjoy the beer and the golf, end of story.
I've only been playing for two years, and generally stink, but I play a lot, almost every weekend when it's nice enough and practice at the range in between. But I don't keep a HC, I see no reason to use the system, I don't play in tournaments, nor for money, Actually I generally don't keep a score, I have good holes and bad, and just enjoy the round, someday I may start keeping score, but it will be when I'm a bit better.
3h and 6i
I think he should stop bulking up, lose weight, get thin, flexible, maybe take up Yoga, it will help him stay healthy and hence, fix his swing. I don't think there's anything to fix with Tiger but his ability to stay healthy and loose.
Stretch with two long irons held together, Miguel style Left arm only swings, no ball Slow takeaway, hips forward drills Small swings with teed up PW, square pinch style, just make good contact. GW, 8i off mat (yuck) Then I move to driver fairly quick in my routine, I want to get to that club with some energy, waiting until the end is very wrong IMO. I hit for targets from here on, not just hitting balls, always a target. I go driver until I hit my spot, no more than a...
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