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Wow, Tiger may actually be in the mix on Sunday.
Maybe driver is technically a wood, but it's really not, wood is short for fairway wood, drivers are not designed to hit off the fairway. I only carry a 3W, I think woods have become a dying club for good reasons, one of which is how hard they are to control shot shapes compared to a nice GI long iron or even a hybrid.
My putting was much better last weekend, because I've been practicing a lot, and I think that's why many struggle, a few minutes on the green before a round is not enough, you really have to put some time in. When I practice it's long putts only, well mostly, I'll find the longest putts on the practice green and stick with those, I've been thinking that once you start getting long putts close often, the short ones become easier.
"Unlike some swing moves, this one doesn't require extreme flexibility or strength to copy." No, but it does require something, because it's not easy to do consistently, especially when the body starts to get tired.
I've been watching a little because I like to watch all things golf, but it's still not working for me, my big problem with this concept is there's nothing impressive about the things they're doing outside of golf.
PGA Tour, not expensive, good quality, good fit and no big logos.
Awesome photo, good for them, those guys are on top of the world right now. But I don't think Jordan or anyone will ever be like Tiger, Woods was playing a different game than everyone else during his prime, Spieth is just playing better than most, so I doubt he racks up the wins like Tiger did.  
Both are closers, both have all the skills needed, both have different strengths but equally as dangerous. So it really comes down to intangibles, and I think Jordan is the pick, I know it's easy to say right now because he's the hottest player on the planet but I think he lives, eats and breathes golf, and that's what it takes to keep winning, you have to be in the game every stroke of every round, I don't see that in Rory, I think his mind wanders, but its just a fans...
I know nothing about GolfersSkin, but agree this is a very important topic, a golfer friend of mine had a spot on his nose and it turned out bad, they basically peeled him like a banana and it was not pretty, he healed OK but it still looks less than great years later, so since then I've been very good about covering up, especially the nose and ears, I use the Coppertone Sport High Performance Sunscreen spray SPF 50, that stuff is super strong and lasts all day in searing...
New Posts  All Forums: