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Money, tickets, ratings, revenue, publicity... all that stuff is irrelevant. There's only one reason they should do this- the LPGA is an American professional golf tour, and Augusta is the premier course in the country, they may be private, but they are golfs utopia, so let the tour have an event there, what's the big deal? it would give them a true major like the US Open.
I don't see how anyone can disagree, swing speed is super important for the longer clubs, if you ever want to be a good golfer, forget scratch, just a bogey golfer, you need good speed with the driver, metals/hybrids and long irons, those clubs don't even work correctly without good swing speed. But I disagree with his balance shrug-off, balance is very important to the swing and I challenge him to show me one Pro without good swing balance, it's key.
Is using less water really "environmentally-friendly"? it's water, not acid, the earth loves water. Using less water is human needs friendly, and only in some areas, many have no water problems.
They show a lot of putting because that's where the action is, clapping, scoring... More tracer? I don't know, it's cool but don't need it as long as we see where the ball lands, and we do. I do like the option to see one players entire round, but who gets that attention? they can't stay on everyone, so for that matter, it doesn't work. Talking swing thoughts? whatever, it's just something for them to talk about, only the uptight get upset over this. Leave it all alone...
In my bag, sounds off.
So the bottom line is- if you swing at a 140 mph, and have trouble, it may be wise to dial that speed back a bit, to say around the tour average of 110-120? if a pro can't swing 140 and keep the ball in the fairway what are the chances of an amateur? none. That is unless your goal is to be long drive, which is cool but those guys miss the fairway 90% of the time so it's a bit ridiculous IMO, still kind of cool though, but not golf.  
They don't even have to call it the Masters, find another name, the key is to let a Pro tour have a major at the nicest course in the country, it would be fun for the fans and of course, great for the players. That being said I can see them not being interested, purely because of the He-Man Woman Haters Club thing, it's amazing how this persists, but I think in about 20 years all of the old farts that make these decisions will drop dead and golf can finally move on from...
I don't, but I plan to start going. I have a tendency to overdo it at the range, it's hard for me to just do a few reps and walk away, so I've gotten tired too quickly on the course in past when I've gone, but it's time for me to learn how to warm-up the right way so I'll be going from now on.
Agreed, I like it, make it happen, but.. They should get rid of at least one LPGA major to accommodate, the ANA and Evian can go, no need for 5 majors let alone 6, it waters down the events. Have it happen some time away from the Men's, not like the following week, let them have their own time.
Congrats, I think you all have given Ms Brennan exactly what she was looking for.
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