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For me the drill that helped fix the flip most was the pump drill and holding the lag longer, weight forward and steady head was not helping the flip much because I was still too "handsy". Also I worked on dropping the hands first before firing the hips, to get the hands into a lower position before making the big move with the lower body, this is a Stacy Lewis tip that really helped me stop flipping and taking a divot after the ball.
For the most part I've always played with people like this, golfers like to talk about their game, I see no reason to think of it as poor sportsmanship. But I agree that it's not good golf conversation, because generally golfers don't give a rats ass about the other guys game, so why talk about it? better off discussing the beverage cart girl and what chances we all have.
I think many use a driver with a shaft that's too long, I had mine cut down to about 43" last year, now I don't miss with it often and feel I can really swing with greater speed, a stock shaft off the rack is going to be long, so that the buyer can cut it down, but few do for some reason, and then they do well with the shorter 3W shaft, hmmm.
Good for him, she's hot and has a great career, unlike the previous gold-digger. That being said I wonder if the guys struggles are more about being family minded rather than golf minded and he's just not working hard enough to play well, a lady like Lindsey Vonn will have that affect on a man.
The OP has it right, like 2-3 minutes looking, can't find it drop one, take a stroke penalty, done, never go back. Tournament play is different but this is standard weekend rules.
I have no idea, what I do know is I can't wait to find out.
I would never ditch my 58.8, it great for chipping from tight lies where I spend a lot of time, but it's not so great out of the sand or grassy areas where I also seem to be a lot, so I have a 54.14, lots of bounce. Sure I could open/close the face with one club in the middle bounce-wise but why get into that?
I'm in the middle of it now, it's called winter, I'm frustrated because I'm not experiencing golf.
My mind, I only keep score for the hole, not overall.
I think it's funny reading these sports writers and other media calling TW a "headcase" as if this is anything but a physical problem, well I guess the mind is physical but you know what I mean, his back is hurting, his back is shot, and that's the only reason the guy is not able to play well, he can't practice, he can't relax and think about the game, all he can do is hurt.
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