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Try left hand low, it really helped my putting, especially lags, I find my speed control on the long ones so much better, Jordan Spieth and his wizardry from 15'+ is all I needed to see to convince me it was worth a try. I just went to the practice green for a couple of hours and tried both grips for long putts only, and found that I consistently was able to get within the 3' circle with LHL, but not RHL, so I started using it on the course. What's funny is switch back...
It may be true, the competition is stiffer now, better players, maybe... but we have Tiger to thank for that. I'm not sure why it matters though, does this make Tiger lesser? nope, so why say it?  
No, no it is not.
I've already sold one of my hybrids and may sell the other soon as well, if you haven't tried the AP1 long irons I recommend it, they are so nice to hit.
Again, if this is true I say big deal, so the guy likes sex? so does every healthy person, being appalled over this is just silly. Also, this is very personal stuff and should not be a story IMO, so again if true, those that tell and spread this garbage are much more disgusting to me than a guy wanting to get laid.
That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if he were less than faithful, they were apart for long periods of time, what's a guy like him supposed to do? wait? follow her around to stay happy? if it's true I won't judge the guy, they weren't married and that's life I say, move on.
Real grass just isn't an option for most, of course we would all prefer it. The big problem I'm having with mats now is teeing up driver and 3W, the range I frequent has the automatic tee system where the ball just pops up from the ground, you can adjust the height, but the issue is the tee system is outside of the mat, so the visual is very strange, not realistic, the area in front of the ball is lower than the mat, so I don't think it's good practice for teeing up, well...
Possibly gripping too tight, but if you hit a lot of balls it may just be the price you pay, so keep hitting them! you'll replace that blister with a callus.
I agree on the fans, no class, it was like a high school cafeteria, no way can this be a major with that kind of riff-raff in the gallery. Sergio, you just knew he would choke, I think he knew it too, I feel for the guy, as much as I like seeing Fowler win I think I was really rooting for Garcia.
New Posts  All Forums: