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Ciganda choked big time, she had it, that putt will haunt her big time, she has to be pissed.
Besides the obvious stuff a round of golf is simply more enjoyable with a push cart, it feels like you have a caddy in a way.
Maybe I'm missing something but is there any proof the President wasn't just defending himself? maybe he was attacked? why it assumed he did something wrong? he has every right to stop the members and tell them to get the dress right.
If the bar ain't bendin', then you're just pretendin'
I actually watch the ladies more than the PGA many times, I like the golf of course but I've become a fan of many of the players, it's a great time for the LPGA, and the Champions tour is a big snooze.
It was a joke piece, that was clear, but it was a lame joke and just a vehicle to voice an opinion on Tiger about many things, can't say I enjoyed it in any way, but those that dislike Tiger probably enjoyed it, and GD did sink to a new low, but they'll sell some magazines and I guess that's all it's about.
The guy should have either said something before you dropped your bucket, or put something there, and certainly should have apologized for allowing you to dump the balls, he also should have kept his mouth shut after your words, he screwed up, and besides, saving stalls is not really allowed, so you were being kind. But you also were wrong for making the situation worse than it had to be, no need to get so upset over moving stalls. And message boards are a great place to...
Cost- I don't know, I never bought into this one, sure it can get pricey, but I think most people generally spend tons of cash on all sorts of hobbies and interests, in my area people spend enough money on boating to buy a new house every year, so I don't buy the cost thing. Time- if a person is pressed for time, they can just play nine, it takes all of an hour and a half, and again, people spend all day on other things like TV and video games, so time is not the...
My definition of "typical" would be players in the 95-110 range, which is most of the course on any given Sunday, and those players can probably hit the green from 150 out 20% of the time at best. As for me, when I do manage to hit the green from that distance the ball usually bounces or rolls off to some crazy greenside lie, because I can't get the ball up high enough to land softly, so I lay up and look for a real shot at up and down, no GIR but that's where I'm at as a...
I just drilled a hole in my floor, bought a 4.25" hole saw, plugged in the drill, done... right through the rug. Actually I'm kidding, but the thought has crossed my mind,
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