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I read Golf and GD, it's just something to read you-know-where, Golf is terrible, 90% ads, I really hate those equipment spotlights (more ads) GD on the other hand is decent, still a ton of ads but at least they offer some reading.
That's ridiculous, Daly looks like an Oompa Loompa (in more ways than one) and he's almost 6' tall.
This is nothing new, we've all heard it on the course, it probably comes up from some golfer 100x a day on any given course. Searching for lost balls is perhaps the biggest reason for overall slow play, and good players are just as guilty, they hate giving up on a decent drive lost in the rough. Colored balls don't help, because it's not the color in most losses, its the grass hiding the ball until you're right on top of it. The affordable tech is not there yet, if it...
I like it, good stuff in there. But sadly it's easy for a pro that has been doing little but play golf since they were a kid to not think too much, the rest of us need a checklist and I doubt I'll be tossing mine away any time soon.
Yup, I don't care what others do, kick the ball into a perfect lie every shot for all I care, and I prefer others treat me the same and not comment on my play, so while I wouldn't do such a thing and play by the rules I would not take to someone making a comment about my game, because it's all on me.
I think the selfie distorted a bit, but yeah the surgery is not helping her, neither is the weight loss... oh well. Maybe GC knew something us fans didn't? maybe they saw this coming, maybe they moved on just in time.
She's a pretty girl for sure, but she doesn't make a tiny skirt quite pop the same way Holly does. The sad reality is they'll probably never find a great replacement, and Holly took another job in a galaxy far, far away, because I have yet to see her.
I still like MD, because I like all things golf talk, but Holly is a special girl, she has the looks and swagger, it's amazing to me that she leaves for another job and yet we have yet to see her anywhere, what a dumb move that turned out to be.
His stock went up greatly with his Ryder Cup game, and it was cool to see him in the World Match Play, he has skills, there's no doubt about that and I think he'll win a major soon.
I play all-ball, obviously it takes a quiet course, which thankfully I can find near me at off times. I hit 2-3 balls off the tee and play them all, great practice, I use cheap balls and let the errant shots become donations. On the greens I'll sometimes drop a few more and chip a lot, it's been a big focus of mine.
New Posts  All Forums: