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I've not only been flaring the feet a little, but adding a touch of outward pressure at the knees, I'm not certain if it's the right thing to do, but so far it seems to be working well.
Nah, two majors trumps 1+ the cup. Also, no offense to the PGA but the Masters and US Open are the bigger events, Jordan has POTY locked already IMO.
I'm not buying the attitude or motivation thing with Spieth, he's good on both counts, every golfer wants the FedEx cup very badly, because it's $10 million, that money is simply not something anybody takes lightly, and I'm amazed how many insist some golfers phone it in at this time of year, they don't. Spieth is struggling right now because it's golf, and golf humbles us all, nobody is immune, win today, suck tomorrow.
This is easy, at the range you get a perfect lie on the mat, it's practically teed up, also you stand on perfectly level ground. On the course even a fairway lie is down a bit, it's not as good as a mat, and it's rarely level, even a small change in grade back/forth/sideways can cause all sorts of issues with a swing, you have to learn how to feel and adjust to those things. And then there's the first swing issue, at the range how often can you grab a club and hit it...
1- swig of beer 2- pull on the stogie 3- wink for the cart girl 4- a little Judge Smails waggle 5- stripe it  
Right now my biggest peeve is the sun setting so we can't see the ball anymore, what's up with that?
Man, people dig up some old threads around here, '09? She thinks I'm nuts to play every free minute, but has no problem getting me out of the house, so the answer is there is no such thing as too much.
I thought of this thread the other day playing a short but tough course, tight fairways and very fast greens. One guy in our usual group thought we should play the tips, because the whites were too short and we're getting "good enough" to consider moving back. It was a con, the other guy in our group and myself thought it was nuts, we're not good enough, not even close. But we played a couple of holes and did OK at best, so he conceded it was a bad idea and we moved...
I hit my 3W well off the tee, it's become my go to shot for must have fairways. What got me going with the club was to keep my feet closer together, about shoulder width, not the big driver stance, and no spine tilt, also tee the ball up about an inch, not too high, then swing easy, it's amazing how far the ball goes off a FW metal face when hit on center.
He can still play in 12 events, which must include the majors, so this is really no big deal, just weird.
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