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Yeah I'm on LI and am waiting, I'm not even sure many courses will be open this weekend with all the rain, and it's still going to be cold. Range again. But next weekend should be good, I keep saying that... I can't imagine how busy it's going to be the first nice weekend, bring a cot.
Swing faster.
I don't know, I think he'll suffer the same fate as Tiger if he keeps it up, all that brute strength and incredible muscle twitch speed just puts too much stress on the back and knees etc. I see no golf reason to get that bulked up.
I like the sound of irons clinking, especially in the morning, sounds like victory.
This thread will remain on the front page until May, book it. It's getting colder every day here in NY, it's warmer in Alaska. But there is some light, having doubts but it looks like next week could be the beginning, this weekend is shot though.
I read the article this morning, it was not as seedy as one would think, for the most part guys are perfect gentlemen. But if the model they used in the piece went out there dressed like that she would most certainly get hit on, a lot, wow.
I think it comes down to Robert and Justin, with Robert winning who seems to have been just coasting the entire show, in another class, he's probably the only real possible pro in this competition. Clay has been lucky over and over again, he's just not that good, and Richy is a bit better but not as good as the remaining two.
It's maniacal how many swing thoughts a person learning the game goes through, it must be nice when many of them become second nature.  
The Depression continues on LI, froze my ass off at the range with 15 degree wind chills, courses that were due to be open this week are pushed back, and I'd say there's a good chance we get another huge snow storm before then so it could be Easter before we get to start the season.
This question is pretty much summed up- they pay him to use nothing but Nike. As for the insinuation that he would be better off with something else, like wedges, I say no, Nike is making great stuff these days, even the wedges look top notch, I think he's just fine with the tools.
New Posts  All Forums: