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Wrist hinge and lag, it's so easy to have a small flip in a swing and even if you get your weight forward and steady head the flip can still remain, it's super important to not release the hands early. So what I've been working on is the pump drill and to maintain the triangle- hands, left shoulder and club head well past my hips, I actually don't release the club at all, just let the swing do it, I think this has been one of the single most important things I've worked...
I like that position with pretty much all my clubs, just change the stance, and I don't like to really feel like I'm tilting my spine, it causes too much IMO, I prefer the higher shoulder/hip feel and a little weight on the back foot for driver, and the opposite for many irons.
Good for her, that's some good golf to get in. On a side note I see an interesting name on the board-  Sherman Santiwiwatthanaphong Yes, that's a real name, and yes, it's a girl.  
I like to feel my arms fall first, and then clear the hips, if I make the shift before my arms drop my spine angle gets wacky and a flip happens, a good swing is all about tempo and for me I like the feeling of arms falling, then get the hips moving, boom, it's syncs everything up well for me.
How big of an issue is slow play on tour? I don't see a problem from my end, plenty of golf being shown, no waiting on TV, so what's the problem?
Just goes to show golf ain't like ridin' a bike, it's probably just rust but man his hands stop dead after contact, that doesn't usually work well.
I think I'm against it, they know the yards already, so this is not a reason for slow play, and watching a golfer use a finder looks amateur, and too much tech for a player, for these reasons I think this will never happen.
That's a bunker I'd probably be OK with, because my usual thin would fly onto the green instead of 30 yards past.
Ciganda choked big time, she had it, that putt will haunt her big time, she has to be pissed.
Besides the obvious stuff a round of golf is simply more enjoyable with a push cart, it feels like you have a caddy in a way.
New Posts  All Forums: