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Nation's largest ocean desalination plant goes up near San Diego; Future of the California coast? By Paul Rogers progers@mercurynews.com Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 2:18 p.m. The Encina power plant is positioned across from the beach in central Carlsbad where cool seawater is used to cool the plant. The new Carlsbad desalination plant is being built behind the power plant and will use the water that is being used by Encina and turn it into drinking water. When completed in...
SoCal had a big fire this weekend. Seems most courses are still pretty green and others are dirt tracks.
I see this topic across multiple forums . Hot 3 woods are as long as drivers now I hit my 3 woods very close to my driver. Dump the driver
The fan should of ran next to the hole lol then take a drop
Which son doesn't he have like 10 kids
Seattle played a good game but greebay were overhyped and no way a Super Bowl contender .
Now they killed off they killed off the Lethals.
I agree with Isukgolf. The NBA Is too long and all the players collaborating to play with each other is just plain ridiculous. Lebron is basically running the cavaliers. Baseball is too long also and slow. I prefer the NFL but it's all about the money.
Does anybody notice if you try and kill range balls with your driver they just dont seem to go very far. Like the harder you hit range balls there's a point of diminished returns.
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