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I would video a couple angles and save it for later when your swing starts sucking donkey.  Then go look at what you were doing when you were striking the ball like a boss.     I would say video it and don't look at it until later.  ;)
I have more trouble hitting a hybrid off the fairway than I would a 3 iron.  I think I need to hit down on it more, like I would with an iron.  
4 iron. I have a 3 Hybrid.  I love hitting a 4 iron off the tee.  
Would you trust a...   Bald barber?  Dentist with meth teeth?  A stylist that wears Crocs?  ;)
When I taught my son and wife to play, I only told them to take putter, Driver and odd irons.  They hit all of them the same distance when they were just starting anyway (all their irons went around 100 yards).  $600 seems like a pretty pricey set for a beginner.  
I find that if I swing too far in to out I will slide on the downswing to accomplish that swing path.  If I feel like I'm swinging a little to the left... my hips slide then turn as my body naturally gets out of the way.   This controversy will keep a lot of teaching pros employed.  ;) 
Practice taking some swings on a downhill lie.  
I struggle with the same thing.  Welcome to my world.  It's from years of taking lessons and hearing "don't come over the top".  Even when I swing down the target line, I feel like I'm coming over the top.     I just feel like I'm swing left like I'm trying to fade the ball.  I'm actually swinging down the line, but it feels like I'm going to slice it.     Feel and real are totally different.  
Yep.  The less lofted clubs are definitely harder to hit straight.  Good point.  I believe I heard a story of Tom Watson warming up with his 3 iron first on the practice range.  He could fall out of bed and hit a 9 iron.  He wanted to see what his swing was like on that day.   
A lot of people swing harder with the longer clubs because you naturally want them to go further.  Try hitting them with a nice easy 9 iron swing.  No tension and don't try to muscle them or kill it.  
New Posts  All Forums: