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They should have undercover security at these events to toss the azzhats that can't handle their alcohol.  At the Seahawks games... there is undercover security dressed as 49er fans to make sure the Hawks' fans don't cross the line.  Probably not a bad idea.    I HATE when people scream jibberish after tee shots. Europeans seem to act more like gentlemen (and ladies) while attending events it seems.  
Ok, that makes sense.  I thought some players were just using bad etiquette or something.     I suppose you would get a penalty if you repaired a spike mark?  Not sure how they could prove it, but...    I don't play in tournaments, so I repair anything in my line.  I usually fix 3 or 4 pitch marks every green I'm on while waiting for others to putt.  I feel like it will be putting karma for the rest of the round.  ha! 
This may be a stupid question, but it's what I do... ;)   When the pros fix pitch marks on the green on TV... sometimes they ask their playing partner and sometimes they fix it without asking.  Do you need permission from your competitor to fix them?     Thanks in advance!
I played a short local course from the tips last weekend... (it's only about 6,100 yards)   I shot 75 and played pretty good.  It's a par 71.    Bad news:  I missed a hole in one by 10 inches.   Good news:  It was on a par 4.  ha!   The hole was playing 320.  I hit a good drive inside the right tree line and hit the cart path in the air.  One bounce off the path was all it took.  Better to be lucky than good!
There are some club distance charts online that are pretty accurate (accurate enough).  If you know your driver swing speed or know for sure how far you hit a couple clubs... it will fill in the blanks for you.     I think there is a golf club "calculator" online too, but I didn't find it as accurate.  
If that dude makes a proper rotation on the downswing... he will have some 2" splinters in the bottom of his feet. ;)
You're going to go crazy if you start thinking about exactly how many degrees to open your hips!  Maybe your local golf store sells a belt with a protractor on it.  ;)
Golf is hard. I used to have the push/hook problem.  It was a push, unless I flipped my hands to save the shot... then a hook.  It was from years of teachers preaching that over the top was an evil move.  So I learned to do the opposite.  I would swing too far inside out.   I obviously have never seen your swing, but my divots used to point to the right.  I now have a "feeling" of swinging slightly left.  It worked for me, but there are different reasons for a push.  Try...
Tom Brady likes the flat hookers.  
Yes.  Joking.  I don't roll that way.  I hope Garcia doesn't get heckled either.  I hope our fans leave a good impression... even if the course doesn't.  :)
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