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From what I've read and seen...   You can have a little cupping if you have a strong grip.   Flat wrist with neutral grip.   A little bowed wrist with a weak grip.     I try to bow my wrists at the top because I don't have great wrist flexibility.  I have a strong grip and can barely get a flat left wrist at the top while trying to bow.  
I had that problem two years ago.  I was actually hitting some toe shanks too. (didn't even know that was a thing)  My coach fixed it in 30 seconds.  I was coming across the line at the top of my backswing.  If I could have seen my swing on video... it would have been obvious to even me.  
I played Chambers Bay last year.  On their scorecard, they list driving yardages next to the tee color.  It's kind of cool.    For example...   White tees:  225-250 Sandstone tees:  250-275   I thought it was very helpful to someone playing there their first time.  
I'm a 5.2 handicap right now and I'm never sure what tees I should be playing.  I like to play 6,000 yards here in the Seattle area.  Some of my high handicap buddies like to play back as far as possible and let the testosterone fly. (usually they hit it to the women's tee) ha!  I have fun playing the white tees if it's 6,000+, but wonder if I should be challenging myself more.   Is there any kind of handicap/yardage chart out there?  
I keep my clubs in the trunk all summer.  Oddly, I don't take them out until winter when I don't play.  
This course is really messed up.  Pretty soft sand in fairway bunkers... and rock hard sand in the green side bunkers.  Bassackwards! 
In my experience... flipping comes from swinging too much in to out.  You either push it or save it with your hands and flip it into a hook.   If you're athletic and you feel the club face is open on the downswing... your body will adjust in half a second and flip.     I can only speak for myself, as this was (and sometimes still creeps in) my swing fault for a few years.  
I find that if you turn your left shoulder over your right knee on the backswing... it loads your right side and your weight should feel like it's on the inside of your right foot.  I find that the more I transfer my weight in my backswing... the more i want to naturally transfer it to my front foot on the downswing.     Find a place that has a slight downhill to it and practice some swings hitting down a SLIGHT decline.  It's very hard to hang back.  You might even take...
I actually saw a video once with a teaching pro named Josh Zander.  To prove a point that you can use bounce on a tight lie... he hit a lob shot off of the green!  No divot whatsoever.  That takes some practice, me thinks.  ;)
It seems like you are swinging over the top and might be keeping your weight on your back foot or releasing the club too early.     Shift your weight to your front foot and swing to right field.  ;)
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