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I agree. I feel like my stance is pretty open when lined up square. I naturally aim right. This probably allows my hooks to creep in. ;)
Using the railroad tracks analogy, If you line your shoulders and feet to the flag and hit a straight ball... won't the ball finish 2ft right of the flag? I've always though it was easier to line your shoulders up. I've always wondered this.
Don't blame CB for the way the USGA made that course look.  I played two years ago and it was green.  $170 wasn't too bad.  The course is beautiful.  It didn't look Washington green on TV.     If anyone comes to play CB... I recommend playing Salish Cliffs nearby for $100.  It also has fescue greens and is a better bang for your buck.  
Is it legal to purposely walk in your putting line?  ha!  It might help!  
Bumpy and slow is fine.  The problem is when the greens get bumpy and fast.  You need to hit them in firm, but if you do... they are 10ft. past.   That being said... suck it up and just play the course.     I gained respect for Sneds and lost some for Billy Ho.  
That was definitely a pitch mark. Poa annua doesn't pop a ball a foot in the air. They keep showing that highlight though.
Billy Ho said this course wasn't fair to great putters. Spieth and Sneds are decent putters. ;)
I hope they pair Rory and Spieth up at the Open.
I hope Chambers fixes their greens and we get another tourney someday.
Great tourney. The viewers are almost as exhausted as the players.
New Posts  All Forums: