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Personally, I think it may have more to do with the length of the club.  I think that today's drivers are way too long for the high capper.  Try hitting your current driver choked down to the bottom of the grip.  It is a lot easier to control.  A lot more center hits too.     I think the pros only average a 42.5" driver.  Why should we use longer?  This will keep golf teachers employed for life!  ;)
I never hit great shots when I consciously lag the club with wrist hinge.  I find that a light grip and nice tempo creates more than enough lag for me with irons.  
I've was fighting duck hooks recently with the driver.   FOR ME... I was casting the club too early and flipping my wrists.   I now have a nice tempo and my swing thought is to throw the butt of the handle to my target.  It creates more lag and keeps me from flipping the face shut.  I get a lot more distance with easy swings too.     Try it.  
I will always solve the problem on the way to the next shot.  I know my swing so well by now.  If I double a hole... I just tell myself that a birdie will get me back on track.  If you are a higher handicapper, you might get a triple and tell yourself you need to get an extra par to cancel it out for a solid round.     Or break a club.  ;)
There's a big difference between "feel" and "real".  Once you start consistently pushing shots to the right, the slice is fixed.  Dial it back a bit and feel like you're swinging more towards the target.   I'm the opposite.  I feel like I'm cutting across the ball to keep from hooking and pushing shots.  In actuality... I'm swinging towards the target.  It just feels like I'm swinging slightly left.  
I've been fighting a hook for a long time.     Do your divots point to the right?  Do you push your longer irons sometimes and other times hook them?  
If you've played baseball... just think of hitting a ball to right field (in to out) or to left field (out to in).  
Put it on the outside of the ball. (ball between you and the box)  As if your ball was close to a wall.  Just leave about an inch of extra space that your club head needs.  If you come over the top, you will hit the box.  If you come too far in to out... you will hit the box.  
In case anyone was curious...   I went to to the range and was able to hit some great shots with an open stance and push swing with wedges and short irons.  It was tougher with the long irons and predicting how much right the ball would go was almost impossible.  That experiment was a minor fail.  ;)   Instead, I just tried to use Freddie's tempo and smooth swing.  It helps a lot when I lead with handle towards the target and swing easy.  The ball actually goes further...
I've looked into Golf Tech before and it's crazy pricey.  I would be curious if people think it's worth it.     I golfed with one guy that loved Golf Tech, but he had a crazy swing that hit the ball pretty straight, but really short.  He seemed happy about it.  Others have mentioned that Golf Tech goes too slow and spends the first five lessons or so on the backswing.  
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