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I've tried a lot of different training tools and have found the one less putt practice ball to be the most efficient way to reduce head movement. I can practice anywhere, the ball is on such a hair trigger i only need 3-7 feet of space. 
Do you know the name of the green you bought that leaves the trail behind?
The mirror totally works! I've been using the one less putt balls and I can see improvement in my short game. It really forces me to have a consistent stroke and because of the shape I can tell if I didn't hit the ball square.  The website is onelessputt.com Any recommendations for an indoor putting green?
Thanks for all the great advise!
Thank you for the advice guys,   @boogielicious My swing just isn't consistent. I tend to decelerate through my swing and hit the ball open or closed.    I'm definitely going to try the "string"   @Ernest Jones Do you have a website for the "string" putting aid?    My family bought me something called one less putt? It's an egg shaped putting aid, Ill put some practice into it and see if there is any improvement.     ~Lovin
Hello Everyone,   My short game is really struggling, does anyone have any putting practice aid recommendations? Preferably something I can use in the office or at home.    Thank you for your suggestions.
I would definitely recommend playing Chambers if you get the chance
Google Glass is just so expensive!
Interesting read!
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