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 My daughter played her first round today after a month of nothing but practice on the range and working with me several hours a day... She shot a 93, she played the course from 6475 yards the course ratings are 72.3 with a slope rating of 130... Great first round of golf Jessica...
Working with My Daughter, she has been at it for a week and a half now, and I am also working with a friend who lives in Missouri... They are both new the game...    Bryan
Yeah I will introduce someone to the game...
Sorry I need to look at the date of the post, still new to this site so please forgive me for posting on a swing that was four years old... Your swing looks much better, I guess this will teach me to go to the end of the thread...    Bryan
  Whats happening here is that you are taking the club so far back, that you end up with all of your weight on your left side, you have no choice but to come back over the top, the other thing is that your lower body and your hips are out of sync with your upper body...  And your club is way past parallel to your target...  Try pre loading your weight on the inside of your right foot and do not let it get outside of your right foot, and allow the weight to transfer...
Just a suggestion, don't try to hinge your wrists at impact you will most likely hit the ball fat, this move will come natural...    Bryan
That is a great move right there, at least from that angle I am looking at... I don't think I would be able to see your left arm if the camera was shooting video from the side you address the ball from... Bryan
Chipping is all based off of feel, and I prefer not to think of it as a putting stroke... When I chip or work with someone on chipping a teach them to let the bounce of the club to do its job, and to keep there left arm traveling towards there target...   Bryan 
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