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I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   1. Thomas Bjorn / -15 2. Louis Oosthuizen / -15 3. Carl Petterson / -15
Speaking of the Stage 2 fairway woods. I have a new Stage 2, 3 wood/15 with a stiff flex shaft in it. For the life of me, I cannot get it air born off the deck and just as poorly off the tee. Low hooks pretty consistently. It runs for a week, but is virtually useless going after greens. I have heard that the stock shafts are playing stiffer than the designated flex. Any truth to this? I used to murder my Sonartec SS and Adams before it, in stiff flex. I want a higher ball...
tks Brian!    Mizuno's are sweet. I it my neighbors MP-H4 and they were crazy nice. But yea, that's a grand. :(
Good to hear! I am anxious to get mine. Waiting on shipping lol
Thanks everyone for all the assistance!   WOW is all I can say.   I hit the Wilson c100, Callaway Apex, and the Cobra Bio Cell irons today. For me, they were all FAR better than my X-12 Pro's. Shot dispersion and distance were insanely better. Feel was very similar.   My Mini review for anyone that cares :)   X-12: Hit 6 iron 5 times on the monitor - Shot dispersion decent, between 80-86 swing speed. Farthest ball 189   Apex, Solid feel and good distance. I did...
Does anyone know the spec's on the True Temper CL100 steel shafts? I couldn't find them anywhere. Is this shaft something Wilson is getting from TT and calling it their own name? I can't find ANY info on them.
I have played there using the phone system. I believe its only 48 hours in advance for us out of state golfers.   When I played there the course was in great shape.    Keep in mind you will be walking and the course routing does not come back to the clubhouse.    15 is a bear! Good luck.
Thank you everyone for the responses. I am going to go to Golfdom in Va and try the Wilson c100 and maybe even the D100's there. They have a fitting cart for Wilson which I was happy to hear. I will kick the tires on the Bio's as well. The Apex are a bit out of my price range so I don't even wanna be tempted LOL   I just wonder if I am ready for a mid-handicap iron. I do think my ball striking is good enough to play them.   Don
Lihu:   Yea I have been considering those as well. I need to get some info from a launch monitor to truly answer my questions I think.    The price on those and the Wilson's have come down. 
All thanks for the replies.   Callaway Apex is a grand. A wee bit out of my price range. I might consider the RazR which I hear are nice as well.
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