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NFL - Green Bay Packers NCAA - Wisconsin Badgers MLB - Cubs/Rockies (since moving to CO) NHL - Avs NBA - no interest
I have to wear one because my hands get too sweaty.  But I don't wear one for short game.  I have two gloves that I rotate through and they will last me the entire summer.
PM sent!  
Can't edit my signature yet, but until I do my name is Mike, from Colorado.   I've been drawn into the site by not only the information, tips, drills, etc that I've found, but it's a very welcoming forum!   (Thanks for those links FOO, checking them out).
I got my book on Monday, but haven't had a lot of time this week to read it until now.  I keep telling myself, just one more chapter... And I keep on going.  As I am reading I am finding myself nodding my head a lot:  I do that... I don't do that but should... Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense...   But most of all I want to keep turning the pages so I can get finished and pass it on to my daughter.  This is good stuff!
The way I found The Sand Trap is because I was looking for simple drills for my daughters  as I'm getting them into the game.  It brought me here and I've been hooked since!  So yeah, I pledge to create a golfer or two!
Looks like I was first runner up!      How much are you thinking the app is going to be when it goes live?
Looks like a very cool app!  My favorite course is the Plantation Course at Kapalua.  Got to play it with my wife as a two-some.  Great course, unbelievable views.  
I am a middle school teacher.  Also coach Football and Basketball.  
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