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I just joined today thinking I could share with others something exciting that I discovered recently in Moe Norman's swing.  However, all I get is attitude and insults.  So, I will walk away and let you kids do your thing.   Your loss
I sent you a video on personal message.  This guy speaks clearly and definitively.
When you start dumping on Nicklaus it is time to move on from a golf forum.
It is funny.  I have lost 10 yards on my irons, but will sacrifice distance for the unbelievable accuracy.  Moe was not a really long ball striker.  He always said he didn't care about distance.   I also am achieving more height with my irons which is something I wanted.  
I tend to forget that things come easy to me and that there are those of you that can not master anything that easily.  I apologize for my inconsiderate attitude and hope you can find a swing that does fit your abilities.  Those that can not tend to put down those that can.  It's okay.  I will continue to use this magical swing technique as others on this forum are doing and they appear to be doing so with success I might add.   The two drives 12" apart were witnessed by...
Add one more person to the list of those that have no direct knowledge of Moe.  They spout their negatives without anything solid to back it up.  I, my friend have the personal knowledge to back up my previous acknowledgement to the great Moe Norman.
Entertaining thought.  However, if you aren't scoring in the mid 60's on your local course you can forget Q school.
I have never heard so much bull from people that have no direct knowledge of Moe's swing. I studied his videos and went out the next morning and literally hit the most solid golf shots of my life! I also hit my shots much higher than ever. And, don't even get me started on how straight they were. I purposely hit two drives off of one tee just to see how close they came together. How about 12" apart? The swing is so simple and I adapted immediately. I no longer stand...
New Posts  All Forums: