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Well I'm pretty new to the sport....really been only playing for about 3 months now. Here is a newbie perspective on the subject at hand.   I bought a package deal for 6 half hour lessons for $150. The instructor was the local course pro and claimed he had caddied on the tour for 8 or so years. First the positive:   1st lesson = putting   The instructor basically said I was too stiff and that I needed to relax, bend the elbows to the side, and stand over the ball a...
Trolling golf forums is very important so you are off to a great start!
I do both on occasion when walking 9 or playing a twilight round.....If I'm playing 18 though I prefer a golf cart.   Anyways, I just recently found a Clicgear 3.0 cart on Craigslist and swooped it up for 75 dollars. I like it so far....definitely a pretty large piece of equipment when it is fully expanded.   Truth be told I don't really notice much of a difference as far as saving energy.....however, the cool thing about the clicgear carts is that you can buy...
Thanks for the welcome...been a lot of fun reading the threads the last few weeks.
Ha yeah, I'm happy with the score...just seemed like I started missing a lot of makeable puts on the back nine. One of the things I have to learn how to control is not carrying over a bad shot (putts) on the last hole to the next tee box....I also start calculating my final total around the 16th/17th in my head and this doesn't help either.
I'm new to the sport as well (played for about 3 months, couple times a week). Maybe what I'm about to say is completely wrong, but it seems to be working for me.   Back story:   I just started taking lessons (have taken 4 now)....   The first time my instructor watched me hit my irons he literally told me to knock that sh*t off...no joke. I was hitting a pitching wedge about 140, but towards the end it would sort of tail off to the right (i'm right handed). I was...
I've been reading this forum for a couple weeks now....   Just broke 100 today for the first time. Shot a 94...with a 44 on the front nine.   Rating from the white tees was 69.7/122.   I felt like I was going to break it soon....my 3 previous 9 rounds were all 50s.   Here is the funny thing.....I felt unsatisfied with my total score at the end of the round. Wonder if that's normal...always wanting to do better I guess.
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