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I do.It seems like golf is one of the rare sports where it is perfectly fine to do so. Actually, sometimes I prefer to go by myself. I'm usually out with my best buddy, and sometimes that makes me take it less seriously (beers, cigar etc...). I think I probably go out and play 9 once a week on my own.
I just bought a new set yesterday... Unfortunately, I have to wait 2 weeks before I receive them.
I started playing golf about 13 months ago. When I started, I purchased a used set of old forged MacGregor's (M565's) for $50, and have played with them this entire first year.   A few weeks ago, I went and purchased a barely used set of Nike Vapour's. I was so excited, but when I got them to the range, as easy as they were to hit, I really disliked the 'feel' coming off the club, and I was losing considerable distance. The place I purchased them from allows you to...
By the way, that is some good golf you're playing!
I agree with the person above. Unexplained significant weight loss, with the known presence of a growth in your femur requires immediate medical attention. Not sure how long you've been aware of the presence of the growth and/or been experiencing the weight loss, but that is something that requires a definitive diagnosis ASAP.   Blessings to you!
Clubs fault. His swing was perfect, but the clubs kept screwing things up.
That sounds horrific; I'd give up golf, or lose my mind one day and beat the tar out of someone.   I was just looking into joining a local country club. I never considered the possible downside.    I'm a relative newcomer to the game, but I'm always blown away by how nice everyone is, and how easy it is to make friends. I've yet to be paired up with someone who wasn't fun to golf with. Some really good players, some horrible ones, and the rest somewhere in the middle....
At the beginning of each round, amongst the 4 of you, choose two scorers who have to verify each score before teeing off at the next hole.    If you single him out, you are definitely going to negatively affect your relationship with your father. Not worth it.   I'd suggest before you start your next round, someone lightheartedly say ''let's play for a $/hole ($o.25 or whatever)." Then when it's agreed upon, just say "we need to make sure the scoring is super...
Been shooting consistently in the high 80's lately, which I'm really happy with for now...   Today, I shot a 53/53=106.   It was ugly all the way around. Nothing was working for me. My putting stunk, driver stunk, chipping...   I've had 2 rounds of golf this first year that I'm totally embarrassed by; both on the same course (which isn't particularly hard).    I survived. I just don't understand how this was possible. 
I think the best golf outings are when you are striking the ball well, and your buddies are also playing well too.    You can have a great round, but if you know your buddies are really struggling, and frustrated, it kind of ruins it a bit.
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