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instead of helping me with advices you keep making fun at my spelling
what you smelling man??
hahahha that was sarcasme but sweet i will take that as compliment
why not bro??seems i am missinformed informe me please  more
thank you bro   seems you are professional can i get some advices fro you ??
lets say i play on (us open or british open ) or any other major tournmment and i win the seconde place or the third place do i have a chance to get sponsorship?
hello everybody i always wonder  how do golfers get a sponsorship like ( nike,puma ,callaway) or anyother compagny   please anyone has an  idea
weither i missunderstund you or you were realy funny do you think i need a bag??looooooooool i need money bro i always woner how golfers get sponsored by compagnies
hey are you a pro??are you sponsored??
well said bro can you name me some major tournments ??i dont depend on the prize i just wanna make name for my self and get a sponsorship what you think master?
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