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Thanks for the input! We will see how it goes.
Callaway x hot 3 and 4 hybrid, tm jetspeed driver, tm ghost putter that felt good in my hands 2 dozen callaway diablo balls and a bag of tees. Was going on a golf trip and left everything to the last min.
Haha no not looking to trade, maybe I should of chosen my words more carefully.
My wife has been taking some golf lessons and is looking to upgrade her clubs from the hand me down hand me downs that she is using. Any recommendations?
I'm new to the game of golf and have been playing only a couple seasons. I just invested in some new Taylor made speed blades. I need to replace my driver and woods but am considering going with hybrids for more control. Any suggestions? Also my clubs are extended will I most likely have to do the same with the driver and woods?
New Posts  All Forums: