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As a coach I don't think you could have a more talented student. The trick would be to get his head to work with his talent.
Driver and 8iron.
Do you think the newly available coaching position with Tiger would be the dream job or a horror job?
Ok I have to admit I am left handed in everything I do. So it came very naturally to me. I have spent 1000s of hours swinging other sports equipment left handed(cricket, tennis, squash) so I suppose the motion of a left handed swing was in me. The only reason I started playing right handed in the first place is that back in the day left hand golf clubs were more difficult to come across than hens teeth. Especially in South Africa in the 80s. But fortunately now I can get...
Welcome to the forum. I joined the forum yesterday. I play right handed since the age of 10. Because it felt awkward I was an on and off golfer. Tried once or twice to take it seriously. Change to left handed in December last year. Now shooting in the mid 80s. On Saturday I shot my best 9 hole score, 38. I have feel now. If you feel like you might be more confident left handed, make the change.
I am a guest house owner in a small tourist town in South Africa. Which gives me time to practice and play my golf.
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