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Guys I live in South Africa. AFRICA. And it not even a problem here. Not 1 person that I know has ever met anybody with it. Not 1 person in my town has got it. And this is africa.
FFor sure. Thanks so much. I have come from a 19 to a 12 in a year. What I have learnt is.1. Stabilize your swing. Take away vertical and horizontal movement.2. Get some rhythm going. Feel your swing and have a fluid moment.3. Trust your swing. Believe you can make the shot.4. Hit through the ball.5. Enjoy each shot. Most important. Live each shot.6. Set up. Get your lines right. So you give yourself the best chance to hit a good shot.
Back to the swing. I see the difference now that it is marked out. And I suppose that is why when I get tired I start to miss hit. I will work on getting rid of that vertical movement.
Thanks. I see that now. Didn't even notice it.Got to watch out for vvs.
My other problem (very seldom) is a very fat, duff shot.
From one lefty to another. I do enjoy your swing. And it seems as though you have a great work ethic towards the game. You also seem to have a structured plan about getting better. Good luck.
I have been playing left handed for 13months. 12 handicap. Hit a straight ball. Try to avoid a big slice or pull hook.
As a coach I don't think you could have a more talented student. The trick would be to get his head to work with his talent.
Driver and 8iron.
Do you think the newly available coaching position with Tiger would be the dream job or a horror job?
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