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Thanks!  this is all good advice. I suspect my setup has a lot to do with it. I will def. use some tape. I'll report back in a week or so as I'm going on vacation later this week. The funny thing is (actually quite amateurish) is that prior to this year I hit everything with basically the same set up, from say a 9 iron all the way to driver. As a result, I never learned to hit my irons properly, I was getting good contact, but always hitting fairly thin and never ever a...
absolutely. I also agree with Iacas.   He may be down right now, but he's the best golfer in this generation, he has unmatched wisdom and experience. He could clearly help U.S win even if he's not playing. Let us not forget, the man has won 80 golf tournaments, and was #2 last year with 5 PGA tour wins last year.
thanks for the reply.   I'll remember to stay behind the ball, lean back a bit (not really, but I know what you mean) and keep my arms straight and extended.   I didn't mention this, but I've been so rattled, I literall hit a hose (i think) on one drive and it traveled about 25 yds to the left. It's the kind of stuff I haven't done in 30 years.
let me also say, that as I was getting better with my iron play my drives were slowly getting worse. I reached a breaking point on Sunday where it truly completely fell apart. So one must have a lot to do with the other.
All this year I've made a special effort to learn how to hit through the ball with a late hit on my irons. The results have been nothing short of spectacular for me. It is not uncommon for me to dial in some irons within 10 feet from 175 on in. My fairway woods are even better, where I'm crushing it 250 yds on some par five approaches. I've learned to shift my weight forward coinciding with much steeper ball contact as opposed to the "old way" which was simply swing my...
I would look no further than a Titleist DT SoLo.
right, of course Wilson makes good balls. but you know what I mean, the bottom of line stuff at Wal-mart or wherever for $10 a box. even then, I highly doubt it would hurt your round.  I would find putting to be a little difficult with a cheap hard ball though. I like the softness of the taylor made cover.
this isn't that complicated, if he doesn't collect any winnings (which would be protocol at any respectable club) he shouldn't have to pay.   if he is participating in the winnings, then he must pay.   that said, i don't think a club pro should be playing in any games with its members if money is involved.
except for some extreme examples, I do not buy into this idea that your game will improve/decline depending on the ball you use. Some of the extreme exceptions might be Slazenger, Wilson, Pinnacle and Top Flite which we used to call "brick flight" but otherwise most any ball will work just fine. The shots I hit on the range are really no different than the ones on the course. The only exception is the hardness of the ball (tough cover) and *maybe" 5-10 yds on...
I hit a drive on the first hole today that went about 25 yds to the left. I walked over to the adjoining tee box with my head down,  sucked it up hit a punch shot into the fairway, wound up with a double, but then par par par. never give up.
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