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I will not look at the tee box markers almost to the point of pretending they are not there. It has screwed me up way too many times when trying to aim the ball. This is also true with looking at the grass in front of the tee box, again too many times the bias of the cut is not going in the direction where I want to hit my drive. As a result- I hit a lot of fairways.
I meant to reply to your post first, anyhow, I too am embracing the "powerfade" by aiming up the left side of most fairways and keeping the ball in play. I'd say the total left to right travel is about 20 yards so it is fairly predictable and manageable. I'd say I hit most fairways pretty consistently as a result.However, as you pointed out, every once in awhile it comes back to bite me when the ball just goes dead straight up the left side rough. regarding your second...
I'm still working on not letting bad holes/bad breaks affect my mood on the remaining holes- I have a really hard time recovering, with all the "what ifs"  and this recurring thought "this is why you'll never break 80" otherwise, I'm working on just trying to more confident and optimistic as I address the ball on every shot. Swing wise, I'm actually pretty content for once.
4 hours is reasonable for most courses but slow for others.The point many of us are trying to make is many weekend golfers have delusions of grandeur and believe all this careful deliberation is necessary and practical. Whether it's practicing the honors "you're away" on the 4th shot into a par four, or laboring over a sloping 40 footer for bogey, it's all rather stupid.The topic is "what is the correct pace of play" -nothing I witnessed last week on that muni indicates...
right. they are processing information at a very high rate of speed but taking a long time to make a decision! I maintain that a pro is working with probably 10X the available information versus the casual weekend player. 
BINGO It's blatantly obvious that some here have no clue the enormous differences there exists between a Pro and a weekend hacker. What some are trying to say, to illustrate yet another analogy- is that a Grandmaster chess player should be able to make a decision at the same rate of speed as the occasional player, because, it's really all the same.This is naive.
they are playing for millions of dollars, you are not.  Second, the pro's actually synthesize and need to process lot of information along with the caddie, whereas standing around and wondering if you're going to hit a good shot accomplishes nothing. Even though I am a 12 handicap, I couldn't possibly find much of what the Pro and caddie discuss useful or appropriate with my skill level. To illustrate, if you are a novice tennis player, could you realistically be able to...
It is no mystery to me why golf is declining in popularity year after year.   Just for the heck of it, I decided to check out my local muni which I used to play quite a bit years ago. After watching hackers take forever with pre-shot routines, playing charade with "no you go first, you're away" in extremis, and worst of all, this ridiculous standing over putts, marking balls, moving gnat debris, looking at grain and mapping out nuances on greens as if they were in a...
I seem to find the most gloves are too tight across the palm. Has anyone found a good glove they can recommend
I agree with golfingdad. I would aim up the left side with my most accurate long club. (could even be a 4 iron for that matter) From there, hit another 4 or 5 iron. Here your second shot has little or no chance ending up in the woods you describe. You would still wind up with roughly the same pitch shot to the green. 190 185140
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