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My driver swing is completely different than any of my other clubs. With my irons, hybrids, and woods I have verticle swing path keeping the butt of the handle pointing between my toe line and the ball in the backswing. I cannot hit those clubs any other way with consistency. My driver I get a lot flatter and rotate with the butt of handle pointing at the far backside of the ball on my backswing. I have a very strong grip with my driver, woods, hybrid and a slightly strong...
Sounds about what I'll be playing. I may swap out my nike vrs forged AW with a 50 RTX in the future. Maybe even the RTX cavity back to give me a little extra forgiveness from that range. The vrs approach wedges aren't the sleekest. I'd like to have a little less bulk from 118-125. The Maltby Gap will stay put as it's a nice compact shape. I really hate playing 2 sets as much as I love playing 2 sets!
This really wasn't a post for bounce though I really appreciate all the insight and great conversations. I fully understand bounce and currently can hit all types of bounce pretty well depending on the situation and what club and bounce I use. I really just wanted to hear any thoughts if anyone had played ant of those non OEM. I couldn't pass on the Cleveland RTX as they seem to be on every publication and blogs must have list.I really like all Maltby offerings. I love my...
Quick question. Should I go 54 58? Both of my sets have 51 gap wedge and going 3 wedges (using the 52 for chips if I went the route of 3 weI live in Hunters Ridge. The foothills of North Fontana. Sierra Lakes is where I play most often followed by all the desert courses.I went with a 54-12 and 58-12 Cleveland RTX. Brand new for 150 shipped off eBay. Excited to give me a go. Both my Nike vr forged and Maltby TE iron sets have a gap of 51. I can always have my fitter bend 1...
Thanks buddy. I subscribed to the SoCal group. I'm all in for the outting. I play down I'm the desert quite often as a buddy of mine is a member of PGA West.
I'm a pretty good wedge player. Rarely hit thin or fat. Sand is a breeze for me as well. When I say low mid high I'm referring to 8 12 10 which is actually probably mid so pardon my mistake. I can even go 10 14 10. I think I'm going to actually go with the Clevelamd 588 RTX. It will only run about $100 more for a set of three and the bounces seem more in line to what I'm looking for. All the others are along the lines of 8 12 7 or so. Oh and the reviews are insane.
All very good points. The big brands I have nothing against but the quality of components in my experience are just as good for a third of the price. I'm probably going to go with the dynacraft which to me are the prettiest and not much more than the cheapest. Plus they are forged which I kinda dig. However the tour edge tgs have just caught my eye as well. Crap!
Need some help or thoughts on selecting from the following non OEM wedges in 52,56,60 set up. Low, mid, low bounce respectively. Dynacraft Dual Milled forged Inazone CNC micro groove Wishon PCF Maltby tour grind MG Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I'm leaning toward Inazone or Dynacraft. Thanks!
I scored 60 AAAAA recycle Penta TP3 for $58 off a reputable ebay recycled ball dealer. Any thoughts on this ball would be appreciated. All reviews I've read are solid. Figured if I don't like them I still paid less than a buck a piece. Don't usually play recycled balls but Id like to try a ball that's different than my normal E6 and or Noodle long and soft.
Strong grip and then starting downswing with butt end of the club down toward ball and through target line. It's awkward and hard to trust at first but after a few hundred balls it's so clear and makes so much sense. Now I can fade when I want to by weakening the grip. Still working on the draw as I get a little hooky at times. I have not sliced a drive in about 3 months since switching. My miss now is a bad pull if I forget to lead with the butt end of the club toward...
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