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My vote is on your mentality .. two months ago I was constantly shooting par.. couldn't break it though I had before. I would be 4 under with 4 to go and still shoot par. I then realized my body and mind just got comfortable. I decided to begin to enjoy being uncomfortable coming down the stretch. I've shot the most rounds in the 60s since then than I ever have. I play everyday and mental game is everything when it comes to a scratch golfer breaking par consistently. Next...
Nice job man. Keep it down!
Thanks guys! Good eagle mburton! I completely agree atx! Haha
Haha that's awesome
Thanks Ray! Congrats to you as well. How far did you have in?
Thanks aguirre!
@TJBam. Thanks man. It was at Stonebridge Dye @jmsage Thanks ! I would say yours is a bit of both! Haha
Professional golfer. Just trying to make my way on tour
Thanks everyone!
So I have never made a hole in one.. well I did on a par 3 course that was 40 yards but I dont count that. I get into the conversation sometimes on whether or not I would rather make a hole in one or double eagle. I couldnt decide.   On the 2nd of this month I was on hole 13 at Stonebridge Dye. Piped a drive down the middle which left me 261 to the flag, a little breeze and a touch uphill to a tucked pin.Ripped at 3wood just right of the pin... couldnt see the hole...
New Posts  All Forums: