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Thanks Boogie, So would you suggest just playing Stableford for both the 2 days? I have no idea what handicap i would give each player though, thats why i was thinking of using the 'System 36' to work out each persons individual handicap and thats what they use for the 2 days. Ive never done something like that as i usually just play golf with my brother and dad.
I have seen there is a one day handicap scoring system called 'System 36' where the handicap is created after the round is completed based on how the player did. The player would be awarded:- Double bogey or worse - 0 points Bogey - 1 point Par or better - 2 points Their total point from 18 holes will then be deducted from 36 to give them their handicap for the day. That handicap can then be deducted from their gross score to give the nett score. Surely that would...
Morning all, I have organised a golf weekend next month for my brothers stag do at 2 courses none of us have played at before. I am just abit stuck on how i can score to make it fun for everyone as only 1 person has an official handicap. There are 8 of us..... 1 person has a handicap of 15 as is a member of a club 4 players shoot in the 90s 2 players shoot roughly 110 1 lad hasn't picked up a club in a few years. I am just wanting to find a scoring system so that each...
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