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Thanks for the replies guys so I guess unless it's actually stipulated by the course rules it's up to each group to figure it out between them.
This is probably more of an etiquette than a rule thing but I've only been playing three years and today is the first time I came across this situation. We were teeing off on the 10th but the tee box runs back to back with the 14th a mere 10 yards between the two. We arrived at the 10th while another group arrived at the 14th. I gave the courtesy 'nod' but got nothing from them, whatever, their problem not mine but communication was obviously not imminent. Question: Is...
I really think it's time to get tough with this guy. You can be direct without being uncivil. He's clearly ruining your game and surely enjoyment is more important than the feelings of a buffoon! My friend and I started around the same time and he had the most annoying habits. He would pick up other peoples ball to check if it was his and then just toss it back down. He would walk across putting lines etc. One day I told him I wasn't asking, I was telling...quit it!!! The...
This is probably the single greatest advice to a slice I've come across. It never even occurred to me that after going through the whole thing of toes, knees and shoulders I was throwing my shoulders out of line at the grip. It should have occurred to me but when you get frustrated on the course it can cloud your thinking a bit. Thank you for this.   Mike
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