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ya sometimes i dont even feel like i should be holding a club. then there is that one swing,the one that feels so good and sounds so pure. then it takes 25 more shoths to find that swing again. its really discourageing but i just keep telling myself it will get better lol. but after 3 shoulder surgeries and 3 knee surgeries i have alot of muscle memory to redevelop
the last driver i bought was the original olimar tri metal driver. used to hit it beautiful had shaft and grip fitted for me. i have always liked smaller heads. so now that i have picked up clubs again after 15 years got a screaming deal on a taylormade R7 super quad (20 bucks) so i hope this big thing works ill be keeping my old trusty in the bag for a bit :)
hi all this is a great thread. just picked up the clubs again after 15 years. played alot prior low 80s but my first 4 rounds have been 115 109 111 and 105.just gonnna take some work and repetition. i always figured if it takes 4 hours to play a round you need to at least practice that much every week. dont go hit 150 balls before your round do it the day before. cause if we are trying to break 100 we obviously dont have the stamina to hit 250 balls at a time
helllo everyone,                    my name is sean and i used to play alot of golf.i am 43 now but my mid 20s to early 30 i was high 70s mid 80s. plagued with shoulder and knee injuries am now back to swinging my clubs. i do gotta say everything feels wrong lol but it is starting to come back. i look foward to working on my game again
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