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I can't wait to take my Aimpoint clinic in a couple of weeks.  Info gleaned from online sources has already made me a better reader of greens - excited to take it to another level with this clinic!
Thanks so much for your info!  I will check all of this out.  Such a fun site this is :)
Thank you sir!!!  I look forward to learning a lot here
What am I NOT working on ... after a 25 (or so) year layoff due to time, work, other commitments, I coming back!  As you can imagine, pretty much everything has gone south.  I used to shoot in the upper 80's low 90's and played in a weekly company league.  I struggle to break 100 now, but things are slowly improving.  Touch in the chipping game seems to be my biggest downfall, so that is what I am working on recovering first.  Fat shots, thin shots, too far, too short, I...
Hi All,  Newbie to the site, drawn in by Lowest Score Wins ... waiting anxiously for my copy   Mitch
New Posts  All Forums: