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Dog wants a bone
I was bfit for Bridgestone e5 golf balls Matt kuchar -9 Lee Westwood -8 Tiger woods -8
I can sympathise with you and I was there a year or so back. Quitting seemed easier than bringing the golf moans into the clubhouse,at home or with friends. The moans are a big thing in my observations of golf. Everyone is guilty of it " what did you shoot" usually answered with should of been better if it wasn't for blah blah. I tried really hard for 6 months through winter saying the same thing each time I was asked how did you go. I smiled and replied great I really...
My first eagle... Which has yet to happen but I've been close. Don't care if its an ace a two or a three when it happens THAT will be my best shot. Fingers crossed. ;)
Hi all Well this is my first post and I am glad to say I have really enjoyed the varying replies. Thank you all. The sore hands and sweaty palms details I understand and I don't suffer 1 because the temp in UK is low and 2 I don't use ranges so constant swinging in my mind would warrant a glove to maintain a grip. But I seriously doubt me or anyone else would have sweaty palms in every game except for hot days. I don't like to compare other sports but I always found it a...
Will check but think I have two apex ii 1 irons
Hi all I have been golfing for serious for over five years now. Handicap started at 18 went slowly up to 23 then rapidly down to 13. This year I turned up for a club match and used different bag and forgot to pack a glove. It was a hot day and I played well. I turned up two days later for a friendly and STILL forgot about glove. Paid it no mind and played well. I have played for two months now with a glove and without and I honestly can say it makes no difference. I told...
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